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How well do you know your man? - Part 1

Sometimes it is not easy for a woman to get the communication she needs from a man. Some men were raised in a strict, stoic household where feelings were never talked about. If this is the case with your man there are some tips you might find useful to get your man to show his feelings.

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Get him to open up indirectly

Asking direct questions can cause some men to get annoyed, embarrassed, or forces them into their protective cocoon. Try using indirect questions to get the answers you are looking for. For example, ask him what was his favorite date of all time, or what does he feel is the worst thing a man could do in a romantic or marriage relationship.

Showing love with actions

Although your man may not bring you flowers he may prefer to show his love rather than speak it. He shows his love by working to provide for you, doing things for you around the house, taking you shopping or driving you around to the places you need to go and so on.

Men and commitment

It has long been felt that men do not take commitment seriously but they actually do. Once they finally settle down they stay committed to the relationship. In a survey produced in 2012 90 percent of the married men said if they had to do it over again they would marry the same woman.

You might say that the divorce rate is very high and that is true, however, remember sometimes it is the woman that wants the divorce and not the man.

Do men listen?

Most of the time when people are listening they might say yes, or nod their head or do something to show they are listening. However, certain men are still listening but just do not make any gestures to show it. Of course timing is important. If you are asking him something during the big game he may only be partly listening to what you are saying.


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