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How well do you know your man? - Part 3

This is the final part of how well do you know your man. This part is devoted to men and sexuality.

how well do  you know your man?
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Men think about sex

We all know that men think about sex about once a day and women especially when they are older tend to think less and less about sex. Men also fantasize about sex almost twice as much as women. They also fantasize about being with another women; but, this is a fantasy not something that most men will ever do.

Intimacy is important for men

It is a myth that men only want sex to fulfill a biological need. Men desire intimacy with the person they love and sex is an important expression of love for them. Sexual intimacy is very important for men in a committed marriage or relationship.

Men like that women initiate sex

Men appreciate when women show their desire by sometimes initiating sex. This adds spice to your marriage or relationship and helps a man feel that he is desirable too.

Men are not always in the mood for sex

The myth goes that men are always in the mood or ready for sex but that simply is not so. Men can be stressed out by work, finances, and other pressures in life just like women. When they say they are not in the mood for sex it doesn’t mean there is another woman or they no longer desire you.

Men like to pleasure their partner

Men do enjoy pleasing their partner but they are not mind readers. You must let your partner know what you like and what you don’t like to have a healthy sexual relationship.

Performance anxiety

Men sometimes have performance anxiety especially as they get older. Sometimes the stress of life will cause the performance anxiety as well. Being comforting and understanding will go far to help him quell his anxieties.

Do men stray when their needs are not met?

Yes, they can. They don’t always look for another woman but they may bury themselves in their work, sports, TV and video games. They may not talk about it so it would be a good idea to ask them if there is anything you can do help them in anyway. Of course this premise goes both ways. Many women do not feel appreciated either. Let them know your needs as well.

Men do realize the sanctity of marriage

Men know that you both have worked hard and have invested a lifetime in your relationship; for the most part they don’t want to lose it any more than you do. Work together on keeping your life one of love and partnership.


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