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How well do you know your man? - Part 2

Part 2

knowing your man
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How will do your really know your husband or boyfriend. Getting to know him better and understanding him can go a long way in maintaining a healthy marriage or relationship.

Continuing with tips for a good relationship

Shared activities

Often men will prefer to do activities with their spouses and girlfriends rather than talk a lot. Value this time together it is important to bond with your partner and enjoy life together.

Time alone

Men need time alone to do things they enjoy doing. Too much time together has created problems in some families. Ladies make sure you do not demand all of his time. You don’t want to stifle him. At the same time women need time alone or time with their girlfriends as well. Space is important in any relationship.

Men learn from their fathers

Men take their cues from their fathers. If you really want to know your man, take time to visit and learn about his family. Watch his father closely and see how he reacts or talks about issues. There is a very good chance that you man may be just like him.

Men don’t dwell on troubles

Men don’t dwell on troubles like women do. Women take longer to process and forget troubling issues. If you still want to talk about last night’s argument it is likely then your man has already processed it and moved on and does not want to rehash it. It can be frustrating for women but it is often a case of differences of brain processing in males and females.

Men do not pick up on subtle cues

If you want to make sure your man understands your needs don’t pout or look sad or sigh, tell him directly what is going on with you and want you need from him.

Men like to be appreciated

Men do respond to being appreciated. There have been studies which show that men do very well in parenting courses when women appreciated what they do.


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