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How well can you use your first aid kit?

Many first aid kits have a fold out design.
Many first aid kits have a fold out design.
Dan Vale

Preppers need first aid kits to treat medical problems, especially when drug stores or hospitals are not nearby. Even when such help is nearby, however, serious medical problems such heavy bleeding must be attended to immediately. It also is important for preppers to be skilled in the use of the first aid supplies and equipment that their first aid kits contain. The larger and more complete their first aid kits are, the more skills preppers will need to possess in order to effectively use their first aid kits when they try to help themselves or others with their medical problems.

First aid kits often have instructional cards or booklets that give details regarding how to use their first aid supplies and equipment to treat various medical problems. These first aid kits also may have web sites and customer service representatives for further information.

Such available information, however, needs to be understood before there is a need to treat injured people. Not knowing how to use first aid equipment such as a CPR mask, for example, can result in the transfer of infectious diseases from the patients to the resuscitators, or vice versa. As further examples, unskilled people might not know how to use items such as a Triangular Bandage, or a syringe for wound irrigation.

It is a good practice for preppers to prepare to administer even simple, basic first aid. It might sometimes be difficult, for example, especially during emergencies, to find the ends of tape rolls. Before any such emergencies, preppers should find the tape ends and pull these ends up enough so that, when the tapes are needed, it will be easy to grab the ends and pull these strips off the rolls of tape. As another example, preppers can make slight snips in slippery medication packets, and thus, make them easier to rip open. Anything that preppers can do to make it easier to use first aid supplies and equipment will pay off during emergencies, when preppers’ anxieties can negatively affect their finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

There are many categories of first aid kits, including those that are:

1. Individually made.

2. Commercially made and sold.

3. Specifically made for the home, office, or car.

4. Made small and basic.

5. Made large and extensive.

Whether preppers need to administer antibiotic ointments to scrapes, or aspirins to people suffering from heart attack symptoms, first aid kits can be worth their weight in gold.

What are your thoughts on first aid kits? Please comment below.

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