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How we saved a bundle on a car in Maui by renting a beater from Kihei Rent a Car

Not exactly a spiffy ride, but cheap and it gets you where you're going
Not exactly a spiffy ride, but cheap and it gets you where you're going
Richard Pietschmann

Okay, your LA Travel Examiner felt a bit embarrassed pulling up at posh places such as the Andaz, Four Seasons and Grand Wailea, but the parking attendants understood immediately. At Andaz the dude gave us a big smile as he opened the door to our 2004 beat-up four door Nissan Sentra sedan behind a late model Mercedes. He understood what the natives call “going loco” (term for locals saving money).

The 2004 Nissan Sentra worked well in Mau and save us big bucks
Richard Pietschmann

While planning our 20-day vacation in Maui, Richard surfed the web in search of rental car deals, the best he came up with was Kihei Rent a Car which was half the price for the time frame than any other of the cheapest sites at a grand total of $496.72. The rub is that the company rents beaters and you mrust pick up the car outside the airport in Kihei—for which they offer a free shuttle service that took about 20-minutes to reach us in front of baggage claim. The reason for this is that car rental companies charge supplemental levies when you collect your vehicle at the airport. These fees can amount to as much as $200 for 20 days and include:

  • A facility charge that is waived.
  • A tacked on airport fee, waived.
  • Supplemental liability and other insurance which we didn’t need since we are covered by American Express Liability insurance.

Sure the car looks like a clunker with scrapes and dents, but it works fine getting us around with AC, power windows and a radio. There is, however, a strong mildew scent in the trunk—a small price to pay for such a big savings.

An employee told us that the company has more than 400 cars for rent, some newer than our beat-up 2004 model and with fewer miles than the 108,000-plus that shows on our odometer. He also said that most of its customers are young people on a budget but that we weren’t alone in our age group. This is the first time we used Kihei Rent a Car (and it won’t be our last) especially considering that the last time we rented a luxury car it was stolen. Yes right from a parking lot on Long Island, New York. Pretty good odds that won’t happen with this heap.

So if you’re not too vain to tool around in a heap and want to save big bucks, you might want to consider this company. Call 800-251-5288 to book or get more information.

About Kihei Rent a Car:

The company, which is owned and operated by the Hunkins Family, has been serving locals and
tourists on Maui for over nineteen years.

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