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How we can make health, fitness, and wellness our hobby!

If you don't stay active in some way, you'll pay a great penalty!
If you don't stay active in some way, you'll pay a great penalty!
Darius Wright

The more you know, the healthier you can be!

We must realize, the life is in the blood. When our bloodstream contains all of the necessary elements, nutrients, and constituents of life, no wrong condition can overtake our systems. Our body and it's sytems, function as necessary, generating cellular growth, and eliminating negative conditions. This is why we must utilize the abundance of Nature, whose substances contain everything our body's/cells need, for maximum health/life. When we eat right foods/drinks, utilize the numerous Natural substances/products, stay active, and engage in positive activities, our lives are overwhelmingly positive/healthy. The wrong foods/drinks are, most of the things that most Americans eat and cherish, but are killing the whole society. Those disgusting pseudo-foods, are the reason for the epidemic of diseases in our society, in addition to the lack of exercise/movement, and engaging in numerous negative activities.

American society is becoming more and more dependent upon, pharmaceutical medicines and surgeries for everyday health. This in itself is a travesty. Doctor's should be the last line of defense, and the individual should be the first line of defense. We should only be seeing doctor's and taking medicines only when, all else fails. Medicine of Western, or American origin is based purely upon the utilization of chemical medicines as response to disorders which are, poisons to our systems, and un-natural surgeries which, alter the natural processes of the body. These ways can never be a recipe towards wellness, since wellness can only be derived from the energy of life, and living substances.

American medicine/pharmaceutics is really not about healing, or curing, but about business, and maximum profits. Like in any business, the less you know, the more they make. They less you care, the more they make. The less you educate yourself to the facts, the more likelihood that you will be exploited, and used in a manner in which your health never comes in to balance.

We don't have to put ourselves in a position to be exploited if, we begin to understand the reality of health/life. If from the first years we, eat the best foods, utilize the many various natural substances, which provide the necessary nutrition for life, we stay active, and we engage in positive/healthy lifestyles, our lives will be overwhelmingly positive/healthy! If we live the life of the average American then, we will be cursed with the same numerous problems that high percentages of Americans are cursed.


I have a suggestion for the whole of society, let's stopping being sucker's for businesses that, profit from our unhealthiness. It's time for everyone to band together, and begin to embrace the Natural, Nature, and Positive/Natural living, and make it their #1 hobby. If anyone can tell me anything more fun than, having the best possible health/life, I'm willing to listen. Band together with your friends, your neighbors, your congregation, your family, your peers, and begin to research together, the best things Nature has to offer, and not those things prevalent in society, which obviously are a detriment to our lives, and that of our loved ones. Be the first in your group to organize a fitness group, organize a Natural beauty group, a Natural herbs/Natural substances group, a weekend day of wellness at the local farmers market, or make outings to the bigger farmer's markets in the city's, where they have the good, organic, locally produced foods. Organize sporting events, physical activites for the families, just anything that involves good, healthy food, positive people, and positive activities.

It's time to eliminate those things from our lives which, serve only to destroy our lives, while enriching the lives of others. WE MUST END THE CYCLE OF IGNORANCE, BECAUSE IT IS OUR CHILDREN WHO, LEARN FROM OUR WRONG/NEGATIVE WAYS! We can no longer embrace unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy appearances, unhealthy products, unhealthy ways!

I challenge you ALL! Be the first to, create your group. Organize and realize that, health is a blessing for all, and this is why Nature has provided us with everything needed for optimum health/life, it's up to us to research, embrace, and relish the positive existence that we will find, by doing the right things.


Darius Wright, Pres. Fountain of Youth, Fitness and Health, LLC

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