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How was the Bible created?

Rt. Rev. Henry G. Graham
John Kennedy

With the interest in Christianity on the rise and the ubiquitous spreading of numerous denominational Churches all across the world preaching the Gospel, growing year by year, and laying their foundation on sola scriptura (the Bible alone) as the sole authority when it comes to faith and morals for every "Bible believing" Christian; it should be noted that the Bible does not teach sola scriptura and therefore, would not lend itself as being a source unto itself, i.e., scripture supporting scripture -- an infallible authority taught by a fallible church. This was never taught by the early church and only became a new teaching of Luther and the Protestant reformers in the last 500 years.

The big question that should permeate all Christians is where then did the Bible come from? This is a question that is not oft asked. And far beyond the reformation, the original Church fathers where not Luther and Calvin. This can be shown by the common references to St. Augustine by many non-traditional Protestant Churches.

Where we got the Bible is in important treatise on the origins of the Bible. The world was not always Protestant and it is therefore true that if there was no Catholic Church there would no Gospel, and therefore no Protestant church. The Catholic Church existed before the Bible and Gospel were even laid down and assembled. The benefactor of the Bible is the Catholic Church. Many of today's Bibles are truncated, altered, and smaller in size then the number of books originally delineated by the Catholic Church.

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