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How violin can change one's life


Anna Murakawa has studied hard for years and now needs a new instrument. This project was made to raise money to buy an 1878 Collin-Mezin violin. This violin will enable me to reach a higher level on my instrument, necessary to start my Doctoral Degree. As international student, she cannot legally work in the country, nor take out loans, still, she really needs to upgrade her instrument.

Here is her story in her own words

An instrument is much more than a tool, but rather a sophisticated relationship that both challenges and inspires. I have had the priviledge to prepare and perform several concerts over the last three months on the Collin-Mezin and my time with the instrument has been nothing short of enriching. My musical imagination has reaped the wonderful benefits of practicing on the instrument and in many ways I have regained a feeling of hope and confidence in my artistic self-expression. I am in a predicament where if I cannot raise the money in a short time frame for the violin I have to return it; as a private seller had generously leant it to me for an important concerto concert.

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