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How Vine can help promote your small business

Consider Vine to promote your business
Consider Vine to promote your business
Tish Briseno

Vine is a mobile application that allows users to create 6 second videos to document an event and seamlessly upload it to their Twitter& Facebook account. This feature takes social media updates to the next level, giving them an animated component. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download the application, gaining the ability to easily and quickly shoot, edit, and upload their short videos to Facebook & Twitter.

Vine is a great tool for small businesses to utilize for brand exposure and to expand their reach. The app allows business owners to go beyond just posting photos of their products or services and yet forces them to stick to a short length video, in order to hold the attention span of most customers. Small businesses can use this service to promote their products & services, demonstrating their capabilities and functions in a dynamic way. Small businesses can also use Vine to document the tasks occurring behind the scenes of the company, becoming more relatable. The 6 second limit set by Vine makes the quality of the content very important. Make sure to include clips that are going to quickly and efficiently engage the viewer. The following are a few tips for incorporating Vine into your small business’ social media strategy.

Give global users a sense of your hometown

If you have customers located across the globe, give them a taste of something unique and local about where your business is based. Providing some insight into where your business operates each day creates a more relatable image. Small businesses are often a cornerstone in their local community. Expose and connect with those in your town that make your business possible.

Give a behind-the-scenes tour

Transparency and exposure are things often appreciated by consumers. Show your customers that your small business is built upon the hard work and dedication of your employees. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse of where the magic happens.

Show the power of your product

Regardless of the service or product that your small business offers, expose its powers to users. If you run a restaurant, advertise with daily footage of your dishes being devoured. If you specialize in a product, use Vine to demonstrate its capabilities. This app provides the unique ability to show what your products can do in an interactive way.

Send a shout-out

Give credit to those who make your business possible. If you discover a new product or service that increases the ability of your business, give them credit. Create a Vine of you using the product to show your appreciation. If there are individuals in your community or faithful customers that have a direct positive impact on your business, tell them you are thankful. Vines are a great way to give a shout-out to those that make your business successful.

Show off your latest developments

The editing features that Vine provides lets you combine short clips to create a compilation of various content. Use this feature to demonstrate the latest projects that your business is working on. Give users an idea of what you are working on and what to look forward to in the future. Vine allows you to document the entire creative and developmental process.

Are you using Vine to promote your business? Share your Vine stories, make a comment.

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