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How Videos Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media marketing is the buzz word today for expanding businesses and reaching out to that extremely crucial target audience. It all started with the advent of blogs, where people relied heavily on the importance of the written word and came up with long posts to impress potential customers and clients. The raging popularity and wide reach of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter added a new dimension to the concept, with microblogging taking over the trend of traditional blogs. The race to grab eyeballs has gotten even more intense, considering the fact that the online consumer is spoilt for choice and forever pressed for time, thus leading to the genesis and growth of multimedia blogs.

Social Media Marketing

Today, video and vlogs are increasingly becoming the most sought-after choice to reach out to one’s target audience through social media marketing. Some effective ways of using videos to enhance your social media marketing efforts include:

Event Previews

Offering your audience a sneak peek into an upcoming event such as a conference or webinar is an interesting way to direct their attention towards it. This can be done by posting snippets about the event or capturing behind the scenes moments to help viewers connect with your event. This marketing strategy is an effective way of giving your viewers a sense of involvement with the upcoming event and establishing a viewership for the final event.

Product Teasers

Posting product teasers online is an effectual means of getting consumers excited about an upcoming product or service. The emphasis here should be on making a sales pitch by flaunting the best features and USP of the product or service you have to offer.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos serve as an ideal tool for new businesses to establish a niche and following for their brand name. Create a crisp and engaging video about your company, its values, ethos, and product line to help your target audience get to know you better. Including human elements such as stories of our valued employees or clients you have turned around their fortunes by virtue of their association with your company can have a lasting effect. A fundamental factor here is to make sure that such explainer videos are not too long and drab.

Interactive Videos

Everyone enjoys a 30-second claim to fame. Tap this human instinct by reaching out to your valued customers. Having fans or loyal customers appreciate your products works wonders in more ways than one – to begin with, it is not only a great way to thank your customers for their continues patronage but also helps in strengthening customer relationships, videos with real people sharing their true experiences adds to your credibility and helps you reach out to a greater number of people, as those featuring in such videos will do more than their bit to share and spread the word.

Avenues for Social Media Marketing through Videos:

Apart from setting up your own Vlog or posting promotional videos on your website and multi-media blogs, you can engage in social media marketing through these platforms:

  • Vine Video: It serves as an ideal platform for those who haven’t mastered the art of complex video editing and production.
  • Instagram: Recently, Instragram came up with its own non-looping video feature. The advantage of Instagram videos is that you can use a single platform to reach out various social networking sites at once.
  • Facebook: The popular social networking site allows you to post HD videos of up to 20 minutes in duration. This is a great platform to share commercials, personal messages and fan videos.
  • YouTube: YouTube is the undisputed king of the world of online videos, because when a video goes viral on YouTube, the world talks about it. Sharing videos on YouTube can help you effectively undertake a multi-dimensional social media marketing campaign as you can post links to your video on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
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