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How Valentine’s Day flowers accidentally exposed 3 cheating mates

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Valentine’s Day flowers can often lead to the discovery of a cheating husband or wife’s extramarital affair. See Valentine’s Day Flowers Will Lead to the Discovery of Many Cheating Valentines

The “real life” stories below show how three cheating mates (a woman and two men) were exposed by Valentine’s Day flowers in 3 very different ways.

Love Note Mix-Ups

Countless extramarital affairs have been exposed by mix-ups with the notes that accompany Valentine’s Day flowers for the mistress and the wife.

If the wife’s name is Carla, and the note with her Valentine’s Day flowers said “ To Claire, with love,” – and her husband has no female relatives by that name, then he has some explaining to do.

  • Brianna’s Cheating Valentine Story

Brianna received flowers from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. But the note that accompanied the flowers read as follows:

“To my darling wife on Valentine’s Day,
You mean the world to me. Words could never express the depth of my love for you.
Your loving and devoted husband,

Although Brianna had been dating Charles for several months, she had no idea he was a married man.

Florist Receipts

Florist receipts have been responsible for alerting many an unsuspecting wife that her husband was having an affair. The florist receipt may indicate that more than one bouquet of flowers were sent. Sometimes it may even have the name and the home or business address of the woman the other bouquet was delivered to.

  • Laura’s Cheating Valentine Story

Laura found a florist receipt in her husband’s pocket while dropping his suit off at the dry cleaners. She was about to toss the receipt away when she noticed that it indicated that Steve had purchases 2 sets of long stem roses.

Steve had personally given Laura a dozen roses, along with a card and a box of Godiva chocolates, before taking her out for Valentine’s dinner at an elegant restaurant.

The other roses had been apparently been delivered to the woman whose name and address was on the florist receipt.

Flowers Sent to Her Job

If a wife receives Valentine’s Day flowers from a man other than her husband or boyfriend, and the flowers are sent to her job, instead of her home, it’s usually an indication that she’s having an affair.

  • Cliff’s Cheating Valentine Story

Cliff stopped by his wife Kate’s job to take her out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner after work. While Cliff was waiting downstairs in the lobby for Kate to come down, two of Kate’s co-workers who knew him stopped to compliment him on the beautiful flowers he sent Kate for Valentine’s Day.

One woman raved on and on about how what an unusual bouquet it was, and asked Cliff which florist he used. When she saw the expression on Cliff’s face, she realized too late that she and her co-worker had made a terrible mistake.

Cliff hadn’t sent Kate any flowers for Valentine’s Day. The flowers were from someone else.

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