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How two compassionate police officers handled a dog-at-large call

Compassionate response
Compassionate response
Arlington Police Depart. FB Page

A pit bull who escaped from his home this week is fortunate that he encountered two compassionate officers with the Arlington, Texas, police department. According to Friday's WFAA News, Sgt. Gary Carter, and his partner, Officer Heather Gibson, were approached by residents in the 300 block of N. East Street (North Arlington) who were concerned about a large, white pit bull who was following them.

The wandering dog was not met with catch poles or drawn guns...instead, he was spoken to and his true personality was then determined. On Thursday, the Arlington Police Department Facebook page, wrote:

Sgt. Carter immediately started interacting with the dog and determined it was extremely friendly. He was able to coax the furry friend into the patrol car so we can try and locate the owner. The poor dog appeared to be lost and thirsty.

Arlington Police Chief Will D. Johnson spoke about the officers' response to the lost dog:

This is exactly the type of compassion we love to see our employees exhibit and credit their good judgment and our significant investment that our organization has made in providing training to officers on how to deal with dogs,”

The compassionate response led to a reunion between the lost dog and his guardian. On Friday, the Arlington Police Department posted this heartwarming update to their followers:

Yeah! Animal Services located Jeffery's owner, Antonio, this morning. They were able to find the owner since Jeffery was micro-chipped. Sgt. Carter was happy to meet Antonio and wished him well with Jeffery. We would like to thank everyone for sharing and commenting on our post from yesterday. We are so excited that we were able to assist in finding Jeffery's owner.

The Arlington Police Department response is reminiscent to a wildly popular story about a Baltimore, Md., police officer's response to a "vicious dog" call - read the story here.

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