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How trustworthy is your college info source?

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Myths, misconceptions and misinformation continue to plague parents and their college-bound students because everyone has opinions and there are a multitude of ways to share them. It’s natural to want to help by offering knowledge about a topic. The problem with advising about the college process is that it is not a static field. Changes may come at any time in in the admissions and financial aid process.

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For example, more schools are adopting test-optional admission polices. Also, interest rates on federal student loans rose on July 1.

Relying on false information may cost families dearly in time and money from poor college choices. Fact check, do the research and listen to experts in the college process field. Do this regularly and don’t depends on out-dated information. Always consider the source and the time of information about the admission and financial aid process. Watch the slideshow and be wary of these common references.