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How towels can change the decor of your home

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How Towels Can Change the Decor of Your Home

Your home is your nesting place and you want it to be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. But no one can afford to renovate his or her home every year. That is expensive and not really sensible. However, interior decorators have simple tips that can change the appearance of your home. This means using colorful but inexpensive trinkets and linens that will immediately change the perception of your home.

I don’t want to spend too much…Can I do this with just with towels?

Of course, you can and that probably the cheapest way to change the decor of your home quickly and effectively. Manufacturers now have access to several innovative materials, colors and accessories and they produce beautiful accent towels and linens to brighten up a home instantly. Here are a few things you can use immediately to brighten up your home

Towel bombs or compressed towels

This is a wonderful way to decorate almost any area in your home. Chinese companies were probably the first to come up with the idea but it has now spread to almost every linen manufacturer in the world. For example, you will now find colored or white towels compressed into the shape of footballs, eggs, animals, plants, flowers, etc and they are ridiculously cheap too. Just buy in bulk and sprinkle them into a colorful basket for use.

Stacking towels

Another way to create instant atmosphere is by stacking towels in contrasting colors or prints or hanging them in niche areas in your home. You can also try rolling them, folding them into origami flowers, hanging them from shelf racks or hooks in contrasting colors, placing them in glass fishbowls, etc. The hanging and display choices are endless and you can always check with interior design sites for additional inspiration. If you can find a beautiful appliqued towel or linen, you can just as easily frame the item and place it in a distinctive area from where it is seen easily. That’s artwork which is not expensive.

Display towels

Manufacturers now make towels only for display. That means all you have to do is to go to specialty or novelty sites that sell towels and you will find seasonal towels like Halloween-themed, Christmas-themed, Easter-themed, Thanksgiving-themed towels. These towels come pre-draped and embellished with flowers, lace and trimmings of every color, shape and size. You can select the display towel and then hang it anywhere you want in your home. Large supermarket retailers also have display towels in stock and they will usually sell them at a discount. You can also try online to find unique and cost effective display towels for your home.

Thrift and vintage

Not everyone will consider using second-hand towels but you will be surprised at the unique items you will find at thrift and vintage stores. Just make sure you tell your guests that these towels are only for display and not for personal use.

Towels can be perfect accessories for your home. There are literally no limits to how you can use towels to enhance and change decor of your home. Why don’t you share with us how you used your towels?

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