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How to write great blog posts that attract readers

When you write blog posts the intention is to get several sets of eyes to read the content. You want that reader to engage in the content and then turn into a conversion. With so much content available on the internet you need to make yours stand out.

With the amount of content increasing, how do you set yours apart from the rest and begin that engagement? You need to create your blog posts in a way that keeps the reader engaged, becoming interested in your brand and the service and or products you offer. This is the first step of that reader eventually turning into a lead and then a customer. The following tips can help you create engaging blog posts.

Attention Grabbing Title

Your title is the ONLY part of your blog post that the reader is guaranteed to see, so make sure that it does the job and captures their attention and entices them to click through to the blog post. Your title needs to give the reader an idea of what the post is about, and we suggest that you keep it as shot as possible. You want the reader to understand what the post is about in less than 10 words. The worst thing you can do is to create a title that confuses the reader.

Connect by Triggering Emotions

When you can create a blog post that triggers emotions it not only gets the reader interested in the post, but it results in them sharing your content as well. When your readers come into contact with content that is personal it will immediately get their attention.

Sometimes it is necessary to really break down your information so your reader sees the content as intended. Tell a descriptive story and use examples in order to reel the reader in and get your point across.

Attract & Engage

Even if the title works to attract the reader you need to keep their interest so they keep reading. Some tips to keep them reading your blog post:

  • Ask questions
  • Remind the reader of the benefit the blog post will provide
  • Use controversial topics to keep the reader interested
  • Use data and statistics when possible
  • Include quotes

Hold the Readers Attention

If your content doesn’t provide a value then the reader will not make it past the first few sentences. using a nice title but then providing useless content will result in the reader leaving quickly. Also, if your content is not useful there is a very good chance that the reader will not return a second time.

Provide your readers what they want, and if you are having trouble coming up with blog topics then ask your readers what they would like to see. We often write blog posts based on questions that we receive from clients and questions that readers of our blog submit through our contact page.

There are so many ways to create content that users will enjoy, and using the tips above can help you tweak your content to increase its effectiveness. It will take some testing to discover what type of content your blog readers will respond the best to, so don’t be afraid to try several different approaches.

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