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How To Write An Affiliate E-Mail Message

Writing an affiliate e-mail message is an integral part of the work of an affiliate marketer, and it is in this aspect that marketers should not give a sub-par performance since the affiliate letter is the very instrument that earns you a living.

It is less tedious and complicated than full-fledged copywriting, but just as it is with publishing a sales page, you can also schedule your affiliate marketing e-mails in your autoresponder just once and let them run for every subscriber that opts in. That’s the beauty in the leverage of sequential e-mails: do it once and make it earn repeatedly.

No matter how you ‘sound’ like in your writing, there is still an e-mail format/structure to follow. Having a format (or a set of guidelines) makes writing affiliate e-mails a whole lot easier and as it becomes a well-learned habit, you only take minutes to draft up a quick one.

I’m not going to tell a long story about how and why it is written like that, so I’ll simply show you a sample and a checklist for your reference.

E-Mail Marketing Sample

Subject: Earth shoes on 50% discount!

One of the greatest fallacies in choosing a good pair of shoes is that people tend to place the shoes’ style and appearance above comfort. But the health of your feet could not be emphasized hard enough.

That’s why you need to hear about earth shoes. Truth is, there are fans for such shoes and they love wearing them for health benefits even though earth shoes are considered leisure wear, like:

* Burn more calories
* Corrects posture
* Relieves back pain
* Reduces cellulite
* Maximizes your exercise
* Feels SO comfortable

To read more about earth shoes and some recommendations, go to:


Your Name

P.S. I’m giving 50% discount for all shoes on the recommendation list. Purchase a pair now before the offer ends on January 15th!

E-Mail Marketing Checklist

Subject line:

Subtly identify readers by their needs, e.g.:

1) Do you have irregular bowel movements? → Unhealthy eaters
2) Do you want to save on gas? → Drivers
3) Finding it hard to have a successful date? → Singles
4) Want to be influential in your workplace? → Employees
5) How to grow taller? → Short people
6) Do you make this mistake every time you send an e-mail? → E-mail marketers
7) Here’s an easy way to boost your income by $174 in 1 hour → Online opportunists

Proposal (problem and solution):

Starting lines:

1) Do you know that the majority of people…
2) It seems these days so many people…
3) Here’s a shocking fact you may not know…
4) Have you heard about this…
5) Imagine having a software that…
6) Is it possible for you to…
7) No doubt right now the economy (or modern society)…

What are the benefits? (in point forms)

What is your one offer (call to action):


Additional Pointers

1) Keep it simple, short and sweet. The purpose of an affiliate e-mail message is to elicit enough curiosity in readers to open it and click the link inside. Measuring the click-throughs with analytics will determine how you can further tweak your message.

2) Conclusive details kill curiosity. Examples:

- Here are the 7 secrets to e-mail marketing.
- (product name) is very good. Here’s why.

3) Benefits are best listed as bullet points to make them ‘concrete’ so readers can count (quantify) them.

4) The call-to-action is a MUST, a permanent feature. Even Nigerian scam e-mails have strong calls-to-action like calling a certain number or replying with your personal details. It is what drives the result that you want out of e-mailing.

Don’t spoil readers with choices of more than 1 close. Think of all possible closes and choose the best one. This helps to avoid double-mindedness in the reader.

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