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How to Write a Craft Blog

If you've ever been in need of a craft tutorial or inspiration, you've likely been able to find a blog that helped you. Writing craft blogs are a good for marketing for those that have their own craft businesses or just want to record their crafting experiences. Here are a few tips for those that want to start their own blogs.

Craft Blogger, Megan Petersen, gives tips on blogging
Megan Petersen

Blog Basics

Decide what the focus of your blog will be. Will you have step-by-step instructions on how to build something specific? Or will your blog be more inspirational covering ideas and encouraging creativity? Maybe your blog can go between the two kinds of styles.

Make sure to use great photography. If you don't do your own photography, make sure to have permissions for any images you use and credit the photographer. Pairing up with other crafters and artisans is a way to help other artists and give you a subject to write about.

Decide if your blog will focus on a specific craft or cover many topics, including lifestyle, food and cooking or even music. If you are covering many topics you will want to set up the page in a way that it is easy to find the specific topics.

Here are a few bloggers thoughts on how to start and write craft blogs:

Blogging as a business

Blogging has become a way to make a side income or a business in itself. From to the Pioneer Woman, there have been a lucky few that have found commercial success through writing about their craft online. By allowing advertisements on your blog you are able to make a residual income. And it is a way to market your craft sales through social media, by posting your blogs on Pinterest, a special Facebook page or by Twitter.

Read Lines Across to get more tips on blogging as a money making venture.

Staying in it for the long haul

Starting a craft blog is a lot of work and take quite a bit of time. Once you've started it and promoted it, the hard part starts. Writing. And not stopping. It takes tenacity and consistency to just keep at it. Set small goals for yourself and celebrate your successes. Megan Petersen is a seasoned craft blogger with a impressive, growing following. She has found a love of writing and sells eBooks about crafting for a business. She says there are five reasons why a craft blog fails.

"The problem with a lot of us creative types isn’t always starting something. That part is motivating and exciting, and we are bursting with energy when it comes to something new. We jump in with both feet – hopeful, excited, and sure that this new project is going to be just the thing.

And then it gets hard.

We don’t see the results we were expecting as soon as we thought we would.

The finish line feels too far off (or impossible to reach) and there is a cool new shiny in front of us that we are just oh so excited to try instead.

It’s at this part, where the grind starts to kick in and things start to get harder, that most people give up.

This is why most people don’t succeed." - Megan Petersen, from the post Reaching the Finish Line on her blog Beading for Business.

Spokane area craft bloggers

Read each others blogs and support other crafters. There is so much talent out there to collaborate with.

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