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How to Win the Taurus Woman

We are currently in the month of the Taurus, so this article is for those whose romantic interest is a Taurus woman. The very first thing to be said about this woman is that she can seem like a walking and talking contradiction at times. If you truly wish to learn as much as possible about her likes and dislikes, then you will need patience and perseverance. The Taurus woman is steady and strong.

Taurus is an Earth sign born under Venus. This makes the Taurus woman rock-solid, yet with the softest of cores. She usually maintains a calm, collected exterior, keeping for herself what she truly thinks and believes – at least until you get closer to her. She relies on her sense of logic, on facts, and practicality. Highly strong from an emotional viewpoint, the Taurus woman will show little tolerance to any person without the same quality.

It is of great importance to show to your Taurus woman compassion, but don’t patronize her. Whenever she loses her temper, it is best to let her be until she calms down again. Don’t offend her repeatedly – like any normal person, she may overlook such situations if it is involuntary and not frequent –, because the Bull woman will not try to get even: she will simply ignore you. Usually, she has many friends, each with his style and qualities, and she will want her partner to be respectful of her choice in people. This also applies to her family: you should be tolerant and respectful with her relatives as well if you wish to get on her good side.

The Taurus woman never seeks to get rich by entering a new relationship. She is independent and cautious, preferring to reap the fruits of her own efforts. She is an outdoors person and feels at home in the woods. Any activity that has to do with nature will make her heart sing. Believe it or not, this woman is a hopeless romantic. If you want to win her heart for good, sweep her off her feet with a meaningful, sincere gesture – this will show her how much you actually care. Prepare a home-cooked meal and you will be on the right way to winning her true affection.

A Taurus woman looks for an integral person as her life partner and she will always seek an equal partner. She tends to be jealous sometimes and a tad insecure. Intelligence is one of her main requirements when it comes to choosing a partner because she herself is a bright individual. Prove your intelligence without boasting about it and you are bound to spark her interest.

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