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How to wear facial hair

To Beard or Not to Beard

By: My Image Expert, NY - Aliza Rath

It is just around the corner, the air that makes you shiver, that forces your eyes shut when you are walking street to street weaving through traffic, yes guys’ winter is coming! Constantly it taunts you, your chin asking for more warmth and it’s not like balaclava’s are in right now so what is the next best thing, a BEARD. Do you go for it, attempt to grow out the hairs on your chinny chin chin? A New York  image consultant can help you decide if a beard is in your cards, but also teach you about the pro’s and con’s of having a beard and if it is something that will fit into your lifestyle and will positively represent your personality. Just think about it for a little while and weigh the pro’s and con’s.

The pro’s of a BEARD: scruffy facial hair provides warmth and protection for your sensitive skin and allows you more sleep in the morning. Beards are fashionable for fall and winter and can also be used as a conversational piece. Having a beard will give you some warmth but it also can protect your face from the sun and harsh weather conditions. If you have had a beard for a long time and then shave, the skin is usually two different colors. Make sure that you use a moisturizer with a self tanner to even out the skin tones . Having a beard will also allow you to have some extra time in the morning. Most of your care for your beard will be cleaning and moisturizing which can be done in the shower, while every couple of days it make need some shaping up. This is another excuse to run to the barber, take some you time and allow a professional to take care of it for you. Beards are back in style, and have been for the last couple of years. A well kept beard is not only attractive but can also give the impression of wisdom and confidence. It speaks a tone of, I am comfortable with myself looking this way. Lastly, a beard is a great conversational piece, if you are suddenly seen with a beard, you will get the question of why did you do it? Here you can either insert a joke, or just explain plainly because I like it.

The con’s of a BEARD: is it work appropriate, are you patchwork guy, the growing phases, beard maintenance, what does your facial hair say about you, does it go with your haircut? Beards are the new accessory for men right now, but it may not be for everyone and their lifestyle. Think of your beard as an expression of your personality, it may not be for everyone. If your beard is a positive reflection of you and compliments your personality then by all means go for it. But if your beard screams I don’t belong, everyone can see right through you. For example, if your face looks like it was a burned hay field and there are patches here and there, maybe growing a beard isn’t for you. Beards look their best when they grow in evenly and have the same length all around. If your beard doesn’t look like that, don’t let it get you down. The beard growing phase can be frustrating, because it may take longer than you would like. Although, If you keep your neck and face trimmed you can still look work appropriate when growing your beard. When your beard is at full potent ional for your lifestyle, you need to maintain it’s look by keeping it healthy and trimmed. Some men need every other day, while others it could be every four days. Some people feel that beards equals laziness, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Yes it is nice to not have to shave clean ever morning and deal with cuts, razor bumps and allergic reactions to after shave. Realistically a beard that is taken care of says, that the man cares about his appearance, and is not letting his crazy hair stand out more than anyone else in the room. Also it is important that the length of the facial hair and the hair on your head take over your face. If you hair on your head is relatively shot, then keep your beard a similar length. On the contrary if your hair is longer than an inch the beard can be a bit fuller.

When choosing a beard style, it is important to know what face shape you have. An image consultant can show you how to determine what kind of face shape you have and help you decide what style of beard can work for you. After you have decided to grow a beard, you’re faced with how much of a beard you actually want. Are you going for a short and clean look, scruffy and kempt or more full and woodsy? A short and clean beard is good for the office. As long as you take the time to keep it neat it can be appropriate. This style beard looks great on men with strong defined features. The scruffy and kempt style is in between a short and full beard. This length is longer and more laid back look. This style of beard looks good on all face structures but is good for a more casual work atmosphere. This look can appear to be too relaxed so be sure if you are rocking this look make sure you are bringing it to the right environment. The full and woodsy beard can be beautiful as long as you keep it clean and healthy. This style of beard looks great on a round face which makes the face look more masculine.

Once you have incorporated a beard into your lifestyle it becomes apart of your image. An image consultant can teach you the proper grooming skills for your beard. It is important once you have a beard you know how to care for it and keeping it healthy. It is good to wash your beard just as you wash your hair daily. When you are doing your morning regimen a beard will become apart of your cleansing and shaping routine. So you should wash, condition, brush and trim your beard just as you would you hair on your head. If you are questioning yourself about the choice of a beard, think about it like this; does this fit my lifestyle and personality, will it fit my wardrobe, does it represent another side of me that can bring a positive return? When it comes to your image, it is important to ask yourself look at the benefits, because you are your biggest fan!


  • AK 4 years ago

    This was definitely a helpful article on whether or not to grow a beard and how to style it. Having said that, please copy-edit your work.

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