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How to wear a layered statement necklace

How to wear a layered statement necklace is a question many women have been asking. A staple in dressing rooms of news and talk television shows, statement necklaces can dramatically alter the appearance of almost any top. They can turn a simple tee or knit top into a fashion must-have and can go everywhere from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond.

5 Row Crystal Beaded Necklace $14.99
Cato Fashions
A statement necklace can dress up any outfit
Cato Fashions

Many women have been wearing statement necklaces for some time and have amassed a selection of styles and colors to match their favorite career and corporate outfits. Others have shied away, worried that they would be too heavy, too gaudy or too uncomfortable. For those who have done so, this may be helpful.

Statement necklaces do exactly what they say: they make a statement.They can emphasize the colors of your outfit, accentuate the color of your eyes, or bring out the natural blush in your complexion.

If you’ve never worn a statement necklace, start with one that is only one or two delicate chains with tiny beads or a dainty teardrop pendant. You won’t notice any extra weight or feel conspicuous. Always in excellent taste, a simple silver or gold double chain is easy to wear, comfortable and versatile enough to go with any top, tee, dress or sweater.

If you’re ready to make a statement, consider a necklace with faux gems or faux stone. Generally you can find one to coordinate or contrast with any outfit and bring out rich, vibrant colors. For those who are a little braver, choose reds, blues and purples. Look for triple-chain or bib styles to complement your best looks.

Statement necklaces may be braided, beaded or twisted. They can go from two chains or layers to twenty or more strands. Often they are faux gemstone, rhinestone, faux stone or enamel. Many are beaded, some with tiny beads and others with large colorful beads.

For some, a meditation necklace is an excellent choice. Simple, elegant, and crafted in assorted colors, it is lightweight and extremely easy to wear. Some use them to meditate, others as a fashion statement o both.

View the slideshow of statement necklaces currently available at Cato Fashions for some ideas you night like to add to your wardrobe for fall. With priced starting at less than $10, they appeal to budget-conscious thrifty fashion shoppers.

As a general rule, start our small and light and, if you choose to, built up to heavier, more colorful and creative styles. With fall nearly upon us, consider choosing autumn colors to accentuate your wardrobe. Look for touches of red, gold, amber, burnt orange and sienna.

As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~

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