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How to wear a boyfriend blazer

Rachel Bilson and Kate Hudson in boyfriend blazers
Rachel Bilson and Kate Hudson in boyfriend blazers

Like every year, 2009 had its highs and lows when it came to fashion trends.  One low was Lady Gaga inspiring the no pants look, which unfortunately many celebrities quickly emulated.  But, of course, there were some fashion highs that are worth holding onto in the New Year, like the boyfriend blazer.

What exactly is a boyfriend blazer?  Well, like most fashion trends, we have seen something like this before.  This oversized jacket fit for a woman’s curves is reminiscent of a 1980’s Working Girl blazer, but usually without the huge shoulder pads.  It’s a trendy menswear item for your wardrobe that looks like it came out of your boyfriend’s closet, but fits a woman’s shape.

The reason why the boyfriend blazer is such a great trend is because of its versatility. The blazer is the perfect investment piece for your wardrobe because it can be worn any time of day and any season, depending on what you pair it with.  And as we all know, any item of clothing that can stay with us through the ups and downs of Boston weather is a keeper.

For the day, wear a boyfriend blazer over a fitted dress or with a pencil skirt and blouse.  At night, the blazer will look great with your best pair of jeans, a cute tank and maybe a layered statement necklace.

And to bring you through the seasons, just think of the blazer as a layering piece or even an extra accessory.  Over the warm spring and summer months, buy a blazer in a light color, like white or gray, and wear it over a fun floral dress.  In the colder winter and fall months, wear the boyfriend blazer instead of the sweater or cardigan you usually default to.  Add a scarf for warmth and extra style! 


  • Allie 5 years ago

    I'm wearing a boyfriend blazer right now at work! I love this look and pair it with jeans and a button down white collared shirt.

    And I agree - hate the Gaga pants...

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