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How to watch TV online and pay less than cable prices

At any given time throughout the year, this Internet Deals reporter on Examiner can search the hot URLs via’s “What’s Hot” list and discover that whatever website is streaming a live and popular game like a soccer match, cricket tournament, NBA game or NFL battle is usually the one winning plenty of viewers for that sports season.

Such is the deal for a website like, whereby users can watch a variety of television stations from all over the world, from fashion to documentary channels and more. Just a portion of the channels included for your viewing pleasure include those from Albania, the United States of America, Korea, Thailand, Hungary, France the Ukraine and others. is part of the new breed of online entities that realize people are no longer tied to a DVR and cable box when it comes to deciding what they’d like to view online and when. It’s funny how years ago, in the 1970s, nearly everyone in America stopped what they were doing in order to watch the highly-viewed miniseries called Roots, making sure they were home in time to gather around the TV – because devices like VCRs and DVRs weren’t around yet or popular enough for consumer use.

When DVRs did burst on the scene, it became a common enterprise to simply set up our favorite shows to record and watch them on our time schedule. Beyond that development, the public pressed cable TV and satellite stations even more by expressing the desire to watch certain shows on the go. That’s why sites like Hulu and companies like Netflix began to thrive as they kept pace with the TV-fiends’ desires to view programs on a mobile basis – and firms like DirecTV were forced to come out with their “on demand” TV and movie options, letting customers use their GenieGo DVRs to view shows from mobile devices.

The only issue some buyers had with such convenient options were the price tags that came along with the convenience – and that’s why sites like began to pop on the scene, and in some cases, thrive, due to the alternate inexpensive option they provide viewers who don’t want to pay hefty cable and satellite TV bills.

While is currently available for desktop PCs only as of this writing, the company is working on a mobile app to be released in the future. Keep your eye on sites like these that represent the coming age of what consumers want to see when it comes to watching their favorite TV shows and channels. They want cheap or inexpensive options that they can watch on their own timetable, and a plethora of options, including the ability to view live and streaming channels from all over the world.

Boy, looking back at how TV viewing has changed over the decades since Roots was released, I can honestly say we have come a long way from being beholden to three main TV channels that told us what we had to watch and when.

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