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How to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup without a TV

Here's how to watch the World Cup without a TV
Here's how to watch the World Cup without a TV
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 12, is the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. And unfortunately for many "football" fans, that also means the kickoff to the tournament of the world's most popular sport falls during work hours.

But for those looking to sneak a peek at the World Cup during office hours, or for those that have "cut the cord" on television, there are a number of ways to watch the tournament without a TV.

Below are some helpful tools for watching the game on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or most any other electronic device that streams live video:

1.) WatchESPN app

The good news for those at the office with cable subscriptions, or a friend's cable password (not that I condone that), is that you can watch live streams of all 64 of the World Cup matches via WatchESPN on the computer at, or by downloading the WatchESPN app on any compatible device.

Simply search for "WatchESPN" in your device's app store.

Of note: Not all cable providers are in cahoots with ESPN and the WatchESPN app. For a full list of participating providers, click here.

2.) ESPN Radio app

If you don't have a cable subscription to one of ESPN's participating companies, or can't score a password (not that I condone that), ESPN Radio's free app will stream most of the World Cup matches as well.

To download ESPN Radio, just search for "ESPN Radio" in your device's app store. To listen on a computer, just follow this link.

3.) Univision Deportes

Another alternative for those that don't have a cable subscription or password (not that I condone that), and subsequently can't use the WatchESPN app is Spanish television station, Univision Deportes.

Univision Deportes is offering free streaming to all of the games in the first two rounds, regardless of whether you have cable or not.

To watch the games for free on your computer, follow this link, and to watch the first two rounds for free on your iOS or Android device, search for "Univision Deportes" in the app store.

After the first two rounds, though, viewers will have to verify their cable TV package to watch any more games; much like that of WatchESPN.

4.) The highly not recommended; seriously watch at your own risk; you've been warned way

Finally, if you're seriously desperate for your World Cup fix, and none of the other legal and quite safe options appeal to you, then "streaming sites" like VIP Box Sports and Frontrow will more than likely offer every game available for stream on your computer.


Let it be known that if you do decide, on your own accord, to go down one of those two roads mentioned above, that those sites will spam your computer with tons of pop-ups; there is a chance you will download a nasty computer virus; your computer will probably slow down to a crawl at some points; and, oh yea, technically they are illegal to use in the United States.

Basically, use them at your own risk, and seriously consider the other more legal and safe options above this one.

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