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How to walk safely in high wedge sandals

Wear chic high wedge sandals comfortably and safely
Wear chic high wedge sandals comfortably and safely

Walking safely in high wedge sandals can be a challenge. There have been several reports of twisted and sprained ankles resulting from high wedges in girls as young as eleven. At least two women over sixty have suffered broken ankles after falling in high wedge sandals.

One of the hottest items on the fashion scene this summer is high wedge sandals. While they are colorful, popular, and glamorous, they can also be difficult to wear. They accentuate the calf, enhancing the leg, and also add height, contributing to a longer, leaner silhouette. Yet, it may take some practice to walk comfortable and safely in them.

Patti, a frequent high wedge wearer, tells us that styles with no backs are the most difficult to wear. Those with straps are a little easier, and high wedges with closed heels are easiest of all. She has mastered the art of walking easily, and can wear high wedges throughout the day.

Unfortunately, some women have a hard time adjusting to high wedges and walking without the heel striking the ground first. Instead, they pick the foot up with the knee and set it flat on the ground or floor. This ungainly walk detracts from the style and, in some cases, poses dangers.

“Very very high platform wedges, which are super hot right now, are prime suspects,” says Meghan Cleary, resident shoe expert at The most common injury they cause is what’s known as a ballet break. “It’s when you fall off a wedge onto the side of your foot causing a stress fracture,” says Cleary. “It happens because there is zero flexibility in the large platform, so your foot is locked into falling the way the platform heel

One trick that has become quite popular, especially for backless wedges that tend to slip more easily, is to rough-up the lining a bit so that the toes can better grab and anchor to the shoe. The prongs of a kitchen fork are great for doing this, and the outside of the shoe will not be defaced in any way.

Some women have simply given up on high wedges and, despite their popularity, have taken them to consignment and thrift shops. Thrifty shoppers looking for high wedge shoes and sandals would do well to check local consignment and thrift shops for some very good deals.

So, ladies, as with so many things, practice makes perfect. Start by wearing your high wedges at home, walking around where you can grab a chair or counter if necessary. Enjoy the look, follow the trend, and practice until you can do so easily, gracefully and safely. The video will help you with some professional tips for walking in high wedges.

As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~

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