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How to view your weight loss journey spiritually

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Things you’ll need

* A vivid imagination

* A grateful heart

Introduction: Are you trying to lose weight? Have you lost weight and gained some or all of it back? Are you despairing of ever meeting your weight-loss goals? Here is how to have a spiritual view of your weight loss journey.

Step 1:

No matter what your current weight is, state the following affirmation at least three times. Really feel the impact of those words in your heart.

Affirmation: I appreciate the now of what and where I am as well as have joyful anticipation of reaching my goal.

Step 2:

Ponder the following quote from Robert Kennedy:

“Some people look at what is and ask ‘WHY’. I look at what can be and exclaim ‘WHY NOT?’”

In other words, instead of wasting or investing your precious time in despairing in why and how you got to your current weight number, feel joyful anticipation and the calm assurance that you deserve and are capable of reaching your weight loss goals. As Robert Kennedy would say, “Why not?”

Step 3:

Achieve balance. Let go of mass consciousness programming of a standardized size that we all should be. Instead, appreciate all the wonderful things that your physical apparatus can do well right now.

As Oprah would say, have the “attitude of gratitude” of all the good things you can do right now.

* Be grateful that you can get from point A to point B.

* Be grateful that you can take care of your personal needs such as wiping yourself, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, washing your face, moisturizing your face and body, caring for your hair, and all the other things you can do to make you look and appear presentable.

* Be grateful that you can communicate yourself in a coherent fashion.

* Be grateful for your life, your family, your friends, and the opportunity to network with people on-line.

* Be grateful that you can read and comprehend the written word.

* Be grateful that you had the wherewithal to read inspirational messages such as this one.

Step 4: Think of all the things you currently have to be grateful for right now. Write them down. Add to that list as another reason to be grateful occurs to you.

Then, in any moment when you are despairing or feeling low, read over that list. Really allow that feeling of gratitude to permeate your whole body.


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