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How to vacation on a budget

Despite the rising costs of gasoline and airfare, it is still possible to indulge in a satisfying vacation without spending a fortune. Enjoying a vacation without overspending is not as difficult as it may seem, and cheap hotels are one way through which this goal can be accomplished. Many times, inexpensive accommodations are the key to an affordable vacation. Those who know choose such hotels, especially if they can be flexible with their travel dates, will find that an exciting and memorable vacation is well within reach.

Requesting hotel discounts

One of the most frequently overlooked ways to acquire an accommodation discount is to ask for one. Almost all resorts and hotels provide substantial discounts for individuals who are taking their trip in celebration of a special event such as an anniversary, birthday or honeymoon. In addition, certain hotels will offer an upgrade if a better suite or room is available that would otherwise remain unoccupied. However, very few hotels will make a customer aware of such options unless they are asked. Therefore, it is in one's best interest to inquire about such discounts upon check-in.


Those who are traveling to a large urban area will find that accommodation prices vary considerably depending on the hotel's proximity to the city. When booking a room in a metropolitan area, money can often be saved by reserving accommodations just outside the city. Hotels that are located on the outskirts of a city are typically much less expensive than those located in the city's downtown district. Travelers who are planning to drive to their vacation destination should consider this money-saving tip.

Off season travel

Hotels often provide discounts to travelers who are willing to book their accommodations during the off season. Such discounts are frequently as high as 50%. An added benefit of off season travel that comes as a pleasant surprise to many vacationers is the additional money they save on other aspects of their vacation. Many restaurants and attractions offer discounted prices during non-peak times of the year, resulting in added savings. Numerous individuals also find that shopping, dining and sightseeing are more enjoyable activities when their chosen destination is not extremely crowded. Although it may take a bit of research to locate cheap hotels or special discounts, the money that can be saved when such steps are taken make it well worth the vacationer's time.