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How to use yacon syrup for weight loss

The yacon plant is native to South America.
The yacon plant is native to South America.

Yacon syrup is all the buzz since being featured on the Dr. Oz show in November, 2013. It grows in the Andes mountains and has been a staple in the diet of South American people for centuries. It comes from tubular roots of the yacon plant and made into a syrup similar to molasses. Based on a recent study, this syrup may be a surprising new tool for weight loss. In the original study, researchers tracked a group of overweight women who were asked to consume three teaspoons of yacon syrup daily - one teaspoon with each meal. The women lost an average of 33 pounds and an amazing four inches from their waist, after just four months. Participants were asked only to incorporate 2 45-minute walks a week and cut back slightly on their calorie intake.

Dr. Oz did his own study for four weeks using 40 women who were instructed to take one teaspoon of yacon syrup prior to each meal for a month. Participants enjoyed the taste of yacon syrup and took one teaspoon before each meal. Participants described the taste as similar to raisins, figs, or prunes. Yacon syrup has a lot of fiber so it creates a feeling of fullness and helps keep digestion moving. Yacon also helps keep blood sugar down which reduces fat gain and promotes fat loss. Results from the Dr. Oz study:

29% of the women lost weight

14 women lost five or more pounds

2.9 pounds was the average weight loss

Waist size reduced by an average of 1.9 inches

27 of the women said they would recommend yacon syrup as a weight loss tool for their friends

Researchers claim the syrup works for weight loss for two reasons. First, it may speed up metabolism by working on the bacteria in the gut. Secondly, yacon syrup may assist in weight loss because it creates a feeling of fullness that keeps people from overeating and helps stabilize hunger hormone levels.

Yacon syrup can be purchased at health food stores, natural grocery stores like Whole Foods, or online at,, or or

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