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How to use video to attract and train top talent and keep them engaged


Having video to promote the appeal of your company to attract and train top talent, engage your workforce, and communicate with customers and partners is essential. But since most companies have a limited budget and lack personnel with the skill-set to get this going -- VBrick has become a fabulous way for companies to manage and distribute video and other streaming media across any network, to any device. According to Darian Germain, Vice President of Marketing at VBrick, video has become a must-have for organizations to communicate their mission, products and thought-leadership.

"Companies understand they need video but lack their own tools which is where VBrick comes in," said Germain, who leads a team with over 15 years of experience in the industry. "We help customers improve productivity, reduce costs and fully engage their target audiences — regardless of size, distance or location."

VBrick offers solutions and services that span the streaming media ecosystem — letting organizations capture, manage and distribute video content across any network and display it on any device. To maximize customers’ return on investment, they also offer the flexibility of cloud-based services, on-premises solutions and hybrid models. As a result, customers experience the real power of visual communication — whether they’re using it to enhance live and on-demand webcasting, corporate learning, sales, customer engagement, digital signage, surveillance or online marketing.

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