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How to use trends in décor without regretting it later

Trends generally are something to try to avoid in interior decorating and design. Trends come and go and can end up costing a fortune to change out from year to year, or decade to decade. Many homeowners end up jumping from one foot to the next trying to keep their homes looking like what magazines show. It can be frustrating. However, some trends are perfectly fine and inexpensive if used the right way with the right things.

Trends should be movable, changeable, and removable. There are two types of trendy updates, movable, and permanent. Movable/removable and changeable trends in décor and design are those design elements in a room that are transportable, and or removable. Trends that can be changeable are all the elements in the room that can be altered in some way to suit your needs and tastes if they change. Some examples of trendy décor that can be movable, removable, and changeable are the following, throws and throw pillows, drapes, curtains, area rugs, slipcovers, paint colors, wall hangings, certain types of wall paper, lamp shades, small accessories. With items such as these it is perfectly ok to go with the latest trends.

Permanent Trends. Where you want to be careful is when it comes to those permanent trends that are by far a bigger commitment financially and/or labor intensive to install and uninstall. Trendy décor examples of this are the following. Various flooring, some fixtures, tiles, appliances with specific colors, home additions, large furniture, items meant to imitate the look of some other more expensive element. These times come is all manner of styles and are a big commitment decoratively speaking. These are things you really want to give a lot of time and consideration to because they can be costly to replace once their 15 minutes of fame is over. We can look back over the past 4 or 5 decades and see where these choices have been made and the reason we still see their examples around is because they were expensive to change, thus they still are present in many homes.

Following trends should be limited to those things that are an easy fix, can be changed and do not cost a lot to switch out. If you love certain new and trendy colors, think of applying them to accessories in a room first. Turquoise is becoming a popular trendy accent color but you probably don't want to buy a lot of appliances or carpeting in this color, because it will one day run it's course. Opt for window treatments, pillows, lamps and lamp shades, etc to feed your love of the trend first. Once you live with a trend a while, you can better decide whether or not you want to make it a permanent part of your environment.

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