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How to use the new 2009 Kovels' antiques price guide

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Terry Kovel was recently interviewed on The AuctionWally Show Tuesday, February 3rd, 8PM EST.

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Some people get excited when the new models of cars come out each year, others when Spring fashion clothing lines debut. For myself and many in the antiques business, that moment is when the new Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide comes out.

2009 marks the 41st year of this publication which is widely considered the Bible of the antiques insdustry. Terry Kovel and her husband Ralph who passed in August of last year, have published the most reliable books in the antiques & collectibles genre.

Since "Kovels' Dictionary of Marks: Pottery and Porcelain", which was first published in 1953, there has been a steady stream of information printed by the Kovels on everything from the general antiques & collectibles price guide mentioned above, to niche topics like the “Dictionary of Marks, Pottery and Porcelain”.

If my count is correct, added to the 41 volumes of the A & C price guide, are other niche topic books which amount to a total of 97 all toghether!

Now Terry along with the help of her daughter Kim and her son Lee is continuing the Kovel brand with the same investigative techniques we've come to rely on in the Kovels books, but in addition have been mapping out new territory online. I'll be talking with Terry about this on tomorrows' episode of the AuctionWally Show which airs at 8PM EST.

Never one to rest on laurels, Terry is excited about the new website design that's coming soon and has taken to Internet technology in ways that no one in the antiques books publishing world has. Already Kovels has the complete content of their guides online at

There is a monthly newsletter published which you can sign up to receive for free, tip eBooklets, forums to comment on and places online where you can ask questions.

One doesn't normally think of those in the antiques world as being “cutting edge” when it comes to technology. But I promise you, a visit to will show you that the family is already at the front of antiques information ePublishing with the same trustworthy attention to the antiques & collectibles marketplace that their books are famous for.

The 2009 guide is the second year of a new format that is easy to quickly find what you're looking for. The outer page edges are color coded for indexing. This will come in handy as the book is nearly 800 pages which includes are 44,000 real prices in 700 categories. There are 2,500 pictures and you'll find 500 marks and logos.

2,500 color photos, color coded index eliminates guesswork

Now, you may not think of a price guide as something you would read for entertainment, but not so with the Kovels A&CPG. The expert tips and trend tracking included in each yearly edition will show you why it's the last thing a trader would part with and the first thing they look for in the new year.

Here are some of the ways I've used Kovels' A&C Price Guides over the years and tips to make the most of your copy.

  • As a professional antiques appraiser, I make sure to always have one in my briefcase, not only to use, but for credibility as well.
  • If your selling your antiques, and a dealer is coming to your home to make offers, make sure your new copy is in plain site. You've just added some security to the transaction!
  • The tips on caring for you're antiques, spotting fakes, and marketplace strategies are invaluable even to someone with so many years in the business such as myself.
  • Keeping it fresh: if you're going to be on top of you're game in any business, you have to be aware of current cycles and community buzz. Kovels publishes and people in the industry trade their favorite nuggets of information from the books throughout the year at auction houses, antiques shows, estate sales and flea market. It is THE water cooler conversation for us.
  • As a gift catalog. If you've ever listened to the AuctionWally Show, you know I'm a big advocate of giving quality collectibles as gifts. To someone not familiar with a particular genre, this can be a daunting task, but not if you use the Kovels' guide.
  • Keyword value: Sure, you may know how to market you're antique online, but there's a lot of extra value in keyword juice. I often use the guide to refer to, then add several different keywords to help me sell my items. Using great keywords is at the top of every Webmaster's priority list, but you don't have to be a geek to put them to profitable use.

Well, there are a million more ways to use the guide I'm sure, and some of them will be covered on the next episode of The AuctionWally Show, as I and my co-host Mitzi Swisher will have the honor of interviewing Terry Kovel, live Tuesday evening, February 3rd at 8pm EST.

Click here to find The AuctionWally Show

If you miss the show, no worry, you can catch it, or any other back episode in the archive.

Thanks for reading.


The main Kovels' site is at:

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