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How to Use Reiki to attract anything in life

What is Reiki? How can Reiki be used to attract anything desired in life? Does Reiki work? How can Reiki be applied regularly to ensure successful outcomes?

Law of Attraction states specifically that we get what we think about most of the time. Often, this law seems bogus since a key component is disregards. More than getting what we think about is that we get what we "feel" about most of the time. If feelings are out of alignment for that which is desired, inevitably, the only outcomes can be the same feelings that are already being generated. Like attracts like in Law of Attraction. Really, it is like feelings and thoughts attract like feelings and thoughts. It is possible to harness of the power of those feelings to get Law of Attraction to produce the most optimum results...NO MATTER WHAT!

Reiki is a healing technology developed by Dr. Mikao Usua, a monk in Japan that was looking for an affordable way to provide healing to his people in his community. Reiki is translated as "Universal Energy" and draws from the energy of the Universe and and all that is to provide healing and well-being.

Although many may question the effectiveness of this healing modality, recent studies from Dr. Masaru Emoto, featured in the movie"What the Bleep Do We know?" on quantum physics, demonstrated under microscopic examination the effects of water molecules when exposed to various thoughts,words, and feelings. He also conducted other experiments with similar results with grains of rice and visited Pass-A-Grille to perform an energetic healing to improve the conditions of the Gulf of Mexico when Florida experienced a oil spill crisis in 2010.

This exciting evidence demonstrates the ability to change the molecular structure of water. Since humans are mostly, if not completely at a more molecular level, made up of water, changing thoughts and feelings can alter the genetic structure of the individual. This transformation is the gateway to achieving any desire!

Through the use of Reiki, blocks that may have hindered progress can be removed and the clear healing energy from Source can flow into each cell. With intention upon desired thoughts and feelings as a result of this newfound inner peace and well-being, all that is desired is able to be achieved quicker and easier. Most importantly, the feelings resulting from a Reiki session will attract more similar feelings. This is the key to achieving anything in life!

Reiki can be done with a Reiki practitioner, face to face or distantly, depending on preference. Distant healings tape into the same Universal Energy and can transcend time and space to achieve positive results. With a little training, anyone can do Reiki, for others as well as for themselves.

Ultimately, to get more things to feel good about in life, it is essential to FEEL GOOD NOW! Reiki is a tool to achieving just That! Consider finding a Reiki practitioner to experience the benefits and discover how it improves all areas of life!

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