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How to use purses and handbags to perk up your look and save money

Let's start with a question - How many purses do you have in your closet right now? Once you come up with a number, compare it the the national average, which is ten. Are you falling short or are you throwing the average off with a whole closet full? More importantly, how many of those purses do you actually use? The average woman uses only 3 or 4 of her purses regularly. If you have been stuck with the same bag for more than a month, it's really time to change. Fall and winter is a perfect time to add color to your cold weather clothing with a variety of purses and handbags. In the slideshow below, the same tan Kenneth Cole vest and ivory sweater is shown with a plethora of purses in many styles and colors. Which one do you like best - share your choice in the comments. All of theses purses were purchased in resale shops, at prices from $15.00 all the way down to 50 cents. Which one cost the most or the least? Guess in the comments, but the best answer to that is "It doesn't matter - if you like it, buy it!". One more purse fact before starting the slideshow - the average purse weighs 3.4 pounds and has 67 items. Next time when changing purses, declutter and lighten up - and save your back!

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