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How to use Pinterest for your organization's next rummage sale

Use Pinterest to advertise your organizatoin's upcoming flea market or rummage sale with these tips.
Use Pinterest to advertise your organizatoin's upcoming flea market or rummage sale with these tips.
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If your organization is planning a rummage sale, then your advertising strategy might include large signs posted around town and good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. But have you thought of using Pinterest to broaden the rummage sale’s appeal and drum up interest in potential shoppers? If not, then check out the following tips on how to use Pinterest for your organization's next rummage sale.

A picture is worth a thousand words: When advertising your organization’s rummage sale, take pictures of the donated items and pin them to the sale’s official Pinterest board. If you have a room crammed with children’s toys, then take pictures so that shoppers can see how many items are available for sale. If possible, include the brand names that shoppers can find at your rummage sale. You can also include a range of prices, too, so that customers can budget accordingly.

Show off more unusual sale items: Pinning pictures are great ways to highlight the more unusual or unique items available for sale, too. Are you trying to sell an assortment of pictures or handcrafted pottery? Pin a picture of each item and include as much information as you can about the sale item, including brand, the year it was made, and the sale price.

Find tips on how to display sale items: Displaying sale items on a table is fine, but you can scope out other Pinterest users’ boards to find ways to arrange clothing, furniture, jewelry and more in a visually appealing manner. Use search terms like “garage sale” or “rummage sale” to find new ideas on displaying items, as well as creative ways to advertise your rummage sale.

Inform shoppers of how the proceeds will be used: With one board, you can convey to shoppers how they can directly impact your organization by shopping at your organization’s rummage sale. If the sale proceeds will be used to fund a certain project or will replace a roof in much-needed repair, then consider pinning pictures of what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Don’t wait until the last minute: If it’s possible, create a Pinterest account just for your rummage sale at least one month before the sale date. This gives you plenty of time to take pictures and pin items to your board. If you wait until one or two days before the sale to establish your board and add pins, then you might not attract as many shoppers.

Advertise the sale’s location: There’s a bit more to do with your rummage sale’s Pinterest account. At minimum, you should include your organization's full name and website address, as well as the dates and location of your upcoming rummage sale. You can also include where the sale proceeds will be used, an elevator pitch of categories of items available for sale, and any relevant parking or public transportation directions.

Organize sale items on your board: Remember to organize your pins into separate boards based on product category; for example, you could have one board for children’s clothing and toys, a second board for kitchenware, and a third board devoted to furniture. If you decide to lump a number of pins representing different sale item categories together, then it may be difficult for shoppers to find what they need at your organization's rummage sale.

After setting up a Pinterest board for your organization’s rummage sale, advertise the link to the board via your organization’s website and other social media accounts. Finally, remember not to use your personal Pinterest account for your organization's rummage sale. Instead, create an official Pinterest account for your sale.

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