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How to use online marketing to get web traffic back to your site

Are you using online marketing to get web traffic back to your site? Are you a business that sells anything from a lift for wheelchair or a local Orlando interior decorator? Whatever type of business you're in you can learn how to use online marketing to get web traffic back to your site.

Using bitstrips in your online marketing
Using bitstrips in your online marketing
Kathryn Sias
How to use online marketing to your advantage
Kathryn Sias

1. Use social media / online marketing to its full potential. Most persons know nothing about using social media to enhance their SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns. Here are some ways to enhance your social media.

a.) Facebook groups. Create several facebook groups using your best keywords. Join all the facebook groups you can get accepted to. Make sure when searching for facebook groups to join that you choose groups that are open and with the most members. You need to choose groups that are specific to things that truly interest you. Become involved in the group by posting random comments to other comments or posts others have made in the group. DO not advertise your links on day one.

Become acquainted with some of the members of the group before you throw your sales pitch in, do hashtags of your keywords, or advertise your links. Don't spam the groups or you won't be a member for long. Keep the groups that you created and keep them active with bitstrip comics and other general commenting not all advertising. The best profile pages advertise their links rarely.

Consider that if you have 100 groups with over 10K members each, if you post each day you have exposure to over 100K targeted members each day. Another example is this. Are you advertising for a local term i.e. Toronto Wedding Planners, Missouri Portable Buildings ? If so, look up all the local groups in your area, i.e. #torontoweddingplanners, #missouriportablebuildings.

2. Use hashtags effectively. Learn how to use hashtags so that your keywords / hashtags can come up in searches using hashtags. Twitter is a perfect example of #howtousehashtags. Twitter is set up so that when a user searches using hashtags the results are displayed of persons who have posted using the same hashtag. Using hashtags will drive traffic back to your site.

3. Use photos in every post or article and video when you can. You can order affordable video intros from for only $5.00 each and post one per week or month to all the high domain authority video sites and for insertion in all your posts and online articles. Google looks for media in the posts that they find.

4. The longer the article or post, not over-doing links within the post and optimizing the post correctly with a proper title using keywords and plenty of media is how you use online marketing to get traffic back to your site. When you are found page one position 1, 2 or 3 on google your website traffic and conversions will increase.

How to use online marketing to get web traffic back to your site

  • Develop a clear online marketing strategy
  • Use hashtags in all your posts and articles linking them back to your site.
  • Use long articles with media in them
  • Find local groups if you are advertising a local term or terms
  • Be active in the group with advertising or spamming your links. Make friends. This is 'social media at its best' because it gives you the opportunity to be seen by 100's of thousands of targeted users.

As many of you know the world of google updates is never ending. Google consistently strives for the best, most refined, perfectly accurate results for their #userexperiences. Notice how I am using hashtags throughout this article? I am doing it to help you see what the new world of article marketing is looking like.

There are other ways to find your website than Google. True enough Google and Facebook are the gorillas in the room. Still, there are other methods of optimization such as bitstrip marketing, using hashtags, and joining as many online groups as possible.

Is it a full time job doing online marketing namely social media? You must keep your social pages very active. Be clever. Make sure your online marketing plan is written out and the strategy is in hand. Attempting any marketing without a clearly defined marketing plan is a huge mistake.

How much to invest in online marketing?

In time we can easily invest at least 4 hours per day. Remember not to speed up too fast or slow down quickly. There's a new term in town: "Velocity". Keep your linkbuilding and your social signals at a moderate velocity, never speeding up too fast or slowing down. There have been studies done proving that using just velocity will get you everywhere in the serps.

Is linkbuilding dead? Hardly. Linkbuilding will always be a huge factor when optimizing your website using online marketing i.e. search engine optimization and social media optimization. Keep in mind that only the best links will do. Too many links on low-quality site is like putting sugar in your gas tank for fuel. It will break the engine down, your website will be useless when its sandboxed in Google. Keep your website safe.

You can easily be found in all the search types. I recently wanted to vacation in Ocala, a local town but a town I've never been too and big on equestrian activities. I easily found Ocala motels results and a website that offered everything I needed. If you are advertising locally like this Ocala Florida site then you will want to find groups and local websites from that area to join or post to.

Can you rank competitive terms using social media only?

Luckily yes is the answer!

Even competitive terms can rise using social media. Google loves social media, a form of online marketing that cannot easily be spammed like the zillions of spam webpages that were created to post low quality links to. Pages with no media, no photos or videos just one simple link that ended up going nowhere. In fact, those links ended up destroying many websites in the latest Google updates.

Other companies like Nmeda and MZI that use highly competitive keywords such as: health care software and #handicappedvans are fighting a fine fight using online marketing to their advantage. I research everyday all types of websites, every niche under the Florida sun. I research globally for the latest trends in online marketing and will be glad to help you with your next campaign.

Just remember!

Google is hip guys and dolls. Google is smart and intelligent enough to find and remove all low quality sites from search results. Keeping your site up to date, quality menu structures and content will catapult you up high into the search results.

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