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How to use natural methods for getting rid of ants

Mint repels ants
Mint repels ants
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It's essential that every homeowner and renter know natural methods for getting rid of ants. Although ants may not be responsible for damaging plants, they can damage your landscape. They also raise aphids, which do damage your crops. Some ants can bite. There is also the problem of them getting into food laid out for pets, or even food in your cupboards. Knowing how to use these five natural methods for getting rid of ants can save a lot of time and aggravation, as well as eliminating harmful pesticides in and around your home.

Use peppermint. Ants are not big fans of mint. Peppermint has a strong enough smell to discourage ants. You can make an effective ant spray using peppermint extract from your kitchen mixed with water. This natural method for getting rid of ants is easy to concoct. Just add a teaspoon of peppermint extract to a quart of water and store in a spray bottle. You can use it indoors or out to get rid of ants and it won't hurt your plants.

Use grits. This may sound a bit farfetched, but this natural remedy for fire ants has been used for some time. How to do it? Just sprinkle grits near anthills. The ants will assist you by carrying the grains back to their lair. How does it work? When ants eat grits and drink water, their bellies expand and burst at the seams. Not exactly humane, but highly effective and completely natural.

Try vinegar or boil some water. Vinegar is a completely natural and inexpensive pesticide for ants that won't leave any chemicals behind. It will harm some plants so use it carefully. Simply pour white vinegar on ant hills as a poison. This natural method for getting rid of ants may take a few treatments. Watch the anthill for signs of life and re-apply as needed. Boiling hot water will kill ants too.

Draw a line with chalk. Don't laugh, this really does work. You may be picturing yourself drawing a line and ordering ants not to cross it with a shake of your finger. Actually, no words are necessary. Ants will not cross a chalk line. You can also try diatomaceous earth. It works as a natural method by attacking the skeletal system of many insects, including ants and roaches.

Use orange peels as natural pesticides. Extract from orange peels works very effectively as a natural method for ridding your home of ants. Orange extract contains natural pesticides. Just soak orange peels in water for several days. Spray the solution wherever ants are a problem. You can use this natural method for getting rid of ants indoors and out.

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