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How to Use Multitouch Trackpad Gesture on MacBook

How to Use Multitouch Trackpad Gesture on MacBook
How to Use Multitouch Trackpad Gesture on MacBook

Everyone knows that the multitouch trackpad gesture feature on iPad, iTouch, or iPhone is truly handy for Apple users. It makes operations faster and easier. And what if you can have the same feature for your MacBook? That will certainly be nice and cool, huh? You can rotate, pinch, and swipe at your heart desire to adjust image, go through applications, and so many more. Tweaking the setting on your MacBook should be easy and simple, and you can certainly enjoy the easiness in operating your device.

Here are the steps on how you can change the settings:

  1. On top left side of the display screen, you should be able to see Apple icon. Choose System Preferences.
  2. When System Preferences window opens, choose Trackpad.
  3. You should be able to see the lists of the provided multitouch gesture on the left side of the screen. Choose the ones you like by checking on the boxes.

The Most Common Gestures Used

There are some common gestures that MacBook users use in order to copy the touchscreen movement on the iPhone or iPad.

Tap to Click. By simply tapping the trackpad once, you imitate the mouse click. Simply make use of the trackpad to move the pointer, and then tap your finger once to click it.

Dragging. To do this, you simply do a double tap with only one finger. Tap once like usual, and when you do the second tap, keep the finger on the pad and start dragging.

Drag Lock. It is basically almost the same as the previous step. When you raise the finger after the second tap and drag movement, the movement will be locked until you tap your finger once again.

Secondary Click. It imitates the right mouse click operation. You can do this by doing two ways. The first one is to tap the pad with two fingers altogether. The second one is to place your two fingers on the pad and then use the thumb to press the pad’s button.

Scroll. Simply place your two fingers on the pad and move into whatever directions that you like.

Pinching to Zoom. Such feature is useful for zooming in or out. Simply use your thumb and index finger on the pad for zooming in and out. For zooming in, you simply need to expand those fingers at the same time, and for zooming out, bring those fingers in.

Rotating. Simply place the thumb and index finger on the pad and rotate them. As simple as that.

Screen Zoom. To do this, you need to place two fingers on the pad and hold Control button at the same time. To zoom in, move the fingers up and to zoom out, move the fingers down.
Swiping to Navigate. Simply place three fingers on the pad and move them to whatever directions you wanted to.

That’s it! You can either watch the demo video on Apple’s official site or learn more about how to use the multitouch trackpad gesture on your MacBook for easier control.

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