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How to use mobile marketing and text messaging to promote your ministry

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Millions of churches, non-profits and for-profit entities are establishing followings through social media. Marketing data show that approximately 60% of FaceBook and Twitter subscribers open or read their messages. In comparison, marketing experts have discovered mobile marketing or text messaging is the most effective way for an organization to reach its target market. These same reports reveal more than 90% of cell phone users open and read their text messages.

Traditionally, churches and the religious community has looked upon technology as either off limits or not relevant to spiritual growth. Usually by the time the Body Of Christ recognizes the importance of integrating technology, the rest of the world is miles ahead and reaping the rewards that God intended for the Church. However, thank God more churches are recognizing that all forms of media can be very effective in reaching people who would not normally attend church services. Owners of Christian satellite television and radio networks have long utilized the power of technology. Every day you can watch preachers from around the world on TBN, Day Star and the Word Channel just to name a few. Online video sharing web sites such as YouTube are widely used by preachers. You can watch videos of famous preachers such as T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar as well as local pastors.

With the emergence of Mobile Media and Text Messaging technology, the Church can no longer hide its head in the sand. The results don’t lie- more than 90% of cell phone users open or read their messages; daily! If you have doubts about the effectiveness of mobile marketing or text messages, just watch how many young people use their smart phone to read scriptures in the Sunday service.

Your church membership may consist of a more mature audience, but we as the Body of Christ must be prepared to reach and lead the next generation. The world uses every form of technology they can to keep young people out of the church. We must use it to draw them in.

To learn more about how to use Mobile Marketing or Text Messaging for your church or non-profit, you are welcome to attend a free Webinar and workshop at Saints of Value Ministry Training Center, 12110 E. Firestone Bl. Norwalk, CA. The event will take place Saturday, August 18, 2012. You will learn how to raise funds and receive donations via text messaging as well as other creative ways to promote your ministry. For more information, you can send this writer a message on my FaceBook page by clicking this link

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