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How to Use Mercury's Influence to Your Advantage

In mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. He stands for communication and speech, as well as for commerce and transactions of all kinds. Regarding commerce, Mercury is also responsible of organizing material resources. On an intellectual level, he creates a connection between us and our inner capacities and mental powers, sharpening our intuition and decision-making power. Mercury rules areas such as education, writing, and thought. The ability to think fast, to make connections easily and efficiently, and to assess the real value of things are all under the influence of this planet.

Our relationships are improved by Mercury’s influence, too. This planet shatters any barriers that may exist between us and other people, and allows a common humanity to show through, a community united by the same basic human needs. Therefore, Mercury represents compassion and equality. Mercury plays a major role in both our vocation and career, because both require that we communicate with others.

This planet reveals our appearance and function inside the network of transactions which form the material world and that of ideas. Mercury is the fastest moving celestial body after the Moon, thus representing quick wit, comprehension, and good thinking. It is also responsible for fast correction of ideas, efficient exchange of information or of valuable things.

When Mercury is weak we start rationalizing things so that they may suit our goals and purpose. This weakness leads to immaturity, folly, and naiveté. Furthermore, it can create dishonesty and poorly set boundaries. Mercury is all the more important in nowadays’ society. Combining its forces with those of Mars, it contributes to the creation of products like mobile phones, computers, and mass media. It is in our power to use Mercury’s beneficial influence by efficiently communicating with others, action which will lead to global harmony and joy.

Over the duration of a year, Mercury goes into retrograde motion four times. At these moments, communication is poor, gadgets start malfunctioning, and economy-related activities and factors are affected by baseless rumors. When Mercury resumes its direct motion a period favorable for communication and transactions begins. When Mercury is retrograde, avoid all transactions and be careful with what you say whenever you interact with someone.

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