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How to use mason jars in country wedding reception decor

Mason jars can be decorated and used in many ways for a country wedding
Mason jars can be decorated and used in many ways for a country wedding

The mason jar is such a classic symbol of country living that it’s the perfect choice for decor at country weddings. Mason jars can be used as wedding decor in a variety of different ways including centerpieces, wedding favors, flower arrangements and more.

Whether you use clear or colored glass mason jars or paint the jars to match your wedding color scheme, there are unlimited ways to incorporate mason jars into your country wedding. Below are a few ideas to spark your creativity and help you create your dream wedding.

Flower arrangements

Small flower arrangements can be placed in mason jars and used as centerpieces or to line a walkway. These small mason jar vases can also be used to accent the cake table, place card table, gift table and more. Mason jar vases can also be tied to chairs, hung from trees or placed on wrought iron or steel stands dotting the lawn.

Photo displays

Unique wedding centerpieces or table displays can be created by placing a photo of the bride and groom inside a clear mason jar and surrounding it with flowers and candles.

Another beautiful idea is to paint a mason jar in one of the wedding colors, but leave an opening that is clear glass. For instance, you might paint everything except an oval or heart shape. Then, affix a photo to a smaller jar, which can also be painted if desired, and slip it inside the larger jar. The end result is the photo showing through the opening left in the first jar’s paint.

Drink glasses

Mason jars can be used as glasses for the reception. You can leave them plain and add a straw or decorate each jar with burlap, lace or ribbon. Be sure to tie on a paper tag where guests can write their names.

Wedding favors

Mason jars can be filled with candy, trail mix, jam, or ingredients for ready-to-make cookies. Add burlap or scrapbook paper designs to the outside of the jar and write in the bride and groom’s names or affix a photo.

Wedding signature gifts

Instead of having guests sign a matted print, create “wish and prayer” jars. Paint several mason jars or wrap a scrap of fabric or burlap around the outside. Affix a wooden charm, scrapbook paper, or other writeable surface over the top of the fabric or burlap. Across several jars, write out the words “held together by wishes and prayers.” Leave guests squares of designed paper and instructions to leave a wish or prayer for the happy couple in one of the jars. The jars can then be displayed in your home and the notes pulled out and read from time to time.

Wedding centerpieces

A lovely centerpiece can be made by stringing together plastic or foam beads with letters that spell out the bride and grooms names. Depending on the density of the beads, float the finished strands in water or oil inside a mason jar. The bottom of the jars can be filled with colored glass pebbles or sand if desired. Surround the mason jars with flowers, tree trunk slices, mirrors or other accents in your wedding colors.

Whether you fill mason jars or simply paint or embellish them to use as reception decor, you’ll quickly find that there are countless ways to use them to enhance your country wedding.

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