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How to use Amazon Movers and Shakers Reports for product ideas

Moroccan Oil is frequenlty on the Movers and Shakers report.

Amazon sellers are constantly on the hunt for the next hot product they can flip for profit. The Amazon Movers and Shakers Report shows the top 100 gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours and it is updated hourly. This report is available by category, so it is easy for sellers to study specific categories that relate to their niche.

One mistake Amazon FBA sellers make when using this report is to try and sell the exact products shown on the report. This strategy can prove frustrating and futile because many items on the Movers and Shakers report have a lot of competition on them, increasing the chance of the price being driven down. (The more competitors on an item, the greater the chance of being outpriced by other sellers.) The better strategy is to watch this report over time to discover the types of products that repeatedly show up in the top 100 gainers, indicating trend for a specific product.

For example, a popular product line in the beauty category that frequently shows up on the Movers and Shakers Report is Moroccan Oil for hair care. Products including shampoo, conditioner, pure oil treatments, hydrating mask, styling cream, curl creams, and hair spray. Amazon shows over 6,500 listings for Moroccan Oil with only 1,560 of the offers eligible for Prime. Some of the Moroccan Oil products are hazmat and not eligible for FBA. If studied over time, this report can shed light on new products, trends, and opportunities for sellers.

Explore the Amazon Movers and Shakers Reports here.

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