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How to Use a Meat Cleaver -- Secrets and Recipes from a Mob Family's Kitchen

Everyone who follows VH1's hit show "Mob Wives" knows how good the food always looks on the show! From Renee to Ang, these women are always cooking up something good and now the Graziano sisters invite you into their kitchen as they share their favorite and most-coveted recipes.

Check out the Graziano Sisters Cookbook How to Use a Meat Cleaver
Penguin Books

In their soon-to-be-released cookbook How to Use a Meat Cleaver -- Secrets and Recipes from a Mob Family's Kitchen -- Mob Wives creator and Executive Producer Jennifer Graziano, Renee Graziano, and their restaurateur sister, Lana Graziano, reveal some of their best-kept secrets.

The full-color cookbook features 100 of their favorite and most-coveted family recipes including Lana's Famous Meatballs, Sunday Gravy (!), Sausage and Peppers, Lobster Arriagiatta, Filet Mignon and more, along with some personal family stories.

The VH1 blog writes that anyone who pre-orders their copy of How To Use a Meat Cleaver before February 3rd 2014 will receive 1. A signed photo not seen in the book of Renee, Lana and Jennifer, 2. An exclusive invite to a private webinar session with Renee, Lana and Jennifer to watch them cook a dish and answer all your questions, 3. Be entered in the “Cook with the Grazianos” Contest. One lucky person will be selected to have Renee, Lana and Jennifer travel to your home for the day and cook with you in your kitchen! They will teach you how to cook their favorite recipe from the book and eat with your family. Click over to VH1 to find out more! A winner will be announced on February 4th.

Check out the video above to learn how to make Sausage and Peppers from the deluxe e-book edition, which features recipe demos and some behind-the-scenes laughs from Renee, Lana and Jennifer.

Impress your friends and family by cooking up some pasta and marinara like a boss -- food this good should be illegal, but it's not!

It's your lucky day.

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