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How to use a derma roller

Want to build collagen and improve skin tone with little downtime? Then Collagen Induction Therapy or dermarolling may be for you. It is recommended that you seek a professional for these services, but with certain precautions, it may be done at home.

Tips For Home Use

  1. Do not use 1.5mm needles on the neck.
  2. Make sure that the derma roller's needles are made from stainless steel.
  3. Make sure that none of the needles are bent - even slightly.
  4. Clean you skin thoroughly.
  5. Apply a thin layer of numbing cream to the area you wish to treat for 40-50 minutes.
  6. Generously apply the topical cosmetic of your choice i.e. peptide serum, dmae, etc.
  7. Begin to roll the area with even pressure.
  8. Follow an up and down, side to side, and diagonal left and right pattern.
  9. Some bleeding may occur even with light pressure.


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