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How to Update Twitter with Facebook Status

There is a way for you to update Twitter from your Facebook profile status area. An application called FB2Twitter makes the process very simple. First you will want to make sure you visit FB2Twitter's application page on Facebook and authenticate your Twitter account. Authenticate means you will need to insert your username and password that is associated with the Twitter account you want linked to your Facebook account. Follow the instructions on authentication and allow the FB2Twitter application to have permission to access your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As long as you have your application and permission granted for FB2Twitter then a "tweet" button should appear in the drop down menu near the word "attach" (look to the left hand side under status update area). Every time you want to update your Facebook status and have it post to Twitter simply make sure you click the tweet button in the attach area and the Twitter account you have linked to your FB2Twitter application will automatically update when you click the share button on Facebook.

You may get a message from the FB2Twitter  stating the following, but it can be disregarded,

The message you enter here will be sent to your Twitter account by the Tweet application. Please note: After clicking share, you might see a message saying "Oops. Something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. You may be able to try again." This can be safely ignored - your tweet will still go through.

The FB2Twitter application makes social media marketing easier and less time consuming for every business owner, even those just starting in the social media marketing field.


  • gddalmia 5 years ago

    yup its works...but i want 2 knw is there any update it from mobile.....means as i am update FB status from mobile, in the same time it updated my twitter tooooo ?????

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