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How to Twitter your way to a new job with JobDeck


Image courtesy of JobDeck

Over the last year, Twitter has taken off as the next big form of communication and trend in social media. Twitter is used for many purposes, from companies promoting themselves, bloggers promoting their blogs, and companies and recruiters posting job opportunities. Without a Twitter application to manage your Twitter experience, it can be overwhelming at times. Tweetdeck is one of the more popular Twitter desktop applications as it helps organize your Tweets. Below is a quick video tutorial on getting started with Tweetdeck. For all you job seekers, Tweetdeck just launched JobDeck. This is a partnership between TweetDeck and the popular TwitterJobSearch engine.

TwitterJobSearch scours twitter; indexing tweets that are jobs, and filtering out the rest, thus providing jobseekers with the tools necessary to find meaningful, relevant job opportunities amongst the noise. According to the TwitterJobSearch site, they've posted 451,989 new jobs in the last 30 days. Many companies are turning to Twitter to recruit employees as it reduces their costs in advertising job opportunities.

TweetDeck and TwitterJobSearch have teamed up to provide you with a dedicated JobDeck. The Jobdeck comes preloaded with several columns that are jobs related. One column titled aggregates all TwitterJobSearch tweets and job opportunity tweets. Another column, titled "Job Experts," comes preloaded with tweets from job search and human resource experts. The tweets are on topics such as interview preparation best practices, proper follow up, resume expertise, how to leverage social media in your job search, and much much more. Click here to download the new JobDeck

Once one downloads the new JobDeck, there are several steps you can take to make the application more useful for yourself. Set up a column that aggregates Twitter profiles that tweet jobs in your specific geographic region (ie. Chicago). I've included twenty Chicago specific Twitter profiles to follow for job opportunities across a variety of industries. Add a LinkedIn column carrying the latest updates from the professional social network and your connections.

For all you Chicagoans, there are many Twitter profiles specific to our area that are helpful in finding Chicago job opportunities. I've posted an article in the past titled "Top Tweeters All Job Seekers Should Follow." Below I've included twenty Twitter profiles that cater specifically to Chicago job opportunities. I'm sure there are more, so I suggest doing a Twitter search to find more relevant Twitter profiles for your specific field of interest. This is a great start.

1. @salesjobchicago – sales jobs
2. @tmj_chi_sales – sales jobs
3. @chicagowebjobs – web jobs
4. @tmj_chi_banking – banking industry jobs
5. @FinanceChicago – financial industry jobs
6. @tmj_chi_acct – accounting jobs
7. @tmj_chi_mgmt – management jobs
8. @ChicagoTechJob – IT/Tech jobs
9. @tmj_chi_health – healthcare jobs
10. @chicagohcjobs – healthcare jobs
11. @tmj_chi_nursing – nursing/healthcare jobs
12. @chicagoengjobs – engineering jobs
13. @chicagoedujobs – education jobs
14. @tmj_chi_adv – advertising jobs
15. @MarketinChicago – marketing jobs
16. @tmj_chi_writing – writing/editing jobs
17. @tmj_chi_retail – retail jobs
18. @tmj_chi_ins – insurance industry jobs
19. @tmj_chi_hrta – hotel/restaurant/hospitality industry jobs
20. @tmj_chi_legal – legal jobs

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 Below is a quick tutorial on getting started with Tweetdeck


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