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How to tweak a Google+ profile to get more website visitors

A strong Google+ profile can earn more views of a business website
A strong Google+ profile can earn more views of a business website
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There is potential to get more website visitors by having a strong personal profile on Google+. While many businesses focus on their company pages at Google+, few of them likely realize that the personal pages of their CEOs and other employees at the popular social media network can also drive website visitors. With 540 million active monthly users at Google+, including in Vancouver, it is not a platform to be ignored.

Use of links in the Google+ profile

It’s important to build at least a basic profile at the social platform to attract site visitors. One way to tweak the profile is to put relevant links into the About section. “Relevant” links pertain to the company’s field of expertise and are not blatant advertisements, which usually only result in someone disconnecting with a person.

Within the Introduction section, for example, embed links to a recent post and to the business site’s homepage. Fit the link within lines of written content to give it a genuine tone. For example, a text could read, “I am a business owner for (embed link to website homepage) and some of my strongest content are about blogging tips (embed link to the relevant post on the website).”

When someone first connects on Google+, they are likely look at the About page and click on one or both posted links.

Complete the basic profile fields

Another tweak to get website visitors is to fill out the basic information on the profile About page. Besides the Introduction section, other important fields to complete are Education, Tagline, and Occupation.

What is put into these fields often depends on what sector the website specializes in and the individual’s qualifications. Fill out the Education field, for example, if it helps to establish one as an authority figure in the field related to the business website. A new user may be impressed and head to the related site to learn more. A university degree from UBC, for example, is great to list.

The Tagline and Occupation fields are also important. If a new connection is in a hurry, he or she may only skim these boxes to learn about someone and the related website. Fill out these areas, so people are more likely to connect, stop to peruse posts, and take time to read content that links to the website.

A quality Google+ profile can lead to quality connections online by people who are likely to visit the related website. Be sure to write the profile details in a way that is clear, genuine in tone, and free of any grammar or spelling mistakes.

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