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How to treat and work with your curly hair

Woman with curly hair
Woman with curly hair
Martin de Witte

Ask anyone with curly hair, the tricks they have tried to tame their wild mane. Taking care of ringlets is not the same as other hair types. It is important to understand how to best take care of your specific hair.

Washing curly hair frequently is not necessarily the best. However, when lathering and conditioning, look for a lightweight shampoo and conditioner like Dream Curls from Frizz Ease ($6) or Curl Boucles from Matrix ($9) to avoid weighing it down. Only shampoo hair at the scalp. When conditioning, apply to the ends and use a wide tooth comb to help distribute product and detangle hair. It helps to preserve curls when hair is combed in the shower.

After showering, towel hair, but do not give yourself a towel turban. Just towel hair by wrapping towel around your hair, squeeze hair to draw water out. Once your hair is damp, either use a mixture of curling cream and gel or mousse with a diffuser. Mix the curling cream like KMS Curl up ($20) and Gel such as John Masters Organics Styling Gel ($18) and apply to hair where curls are desired. The same can be done with just Dove’s Style + Care Whipped Cream Mousse ($4). Then using the diffuser attachment on a hair dryer, dry hair. When using a diffuser, you keep the dryer still and place under hair. It does not get as hot when stationary because hair is diffused to be less concentrated. It allows for hair to get around the hair to help form defined curls. For a looser curl, Sally Hershberger’s Glam Waves ($13) helps to achieve textured, big, bouncy curls.

It is advisable not to wash curly hair often, but that does not mean curls will fall flat. They just need to be woken up with a little help. Alterna’s Anti Frizz Curl Re-Activating Spray ($25) or Mizani’s True Textures Curl Recharge ($14) will aid curls to find their original barrel. With a little spray and a scrunch, curls are back to their former self, looking fabulous.