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How to travel right

under the sunset
under the sunset
Photo By: Brooke Thompson

For anyone who has ever had to sit on a suitcase, pushing, prodding and begging the zipper to close, arrived at the gate without a ticket, or left their ID in the car, here are some tips in making your travel easy and enjoyable.

1. Pack light! You've heard it before, and will continue to hear it, no need packing all those clothes when you probably won't end up wearing them. Stick to the basics, what you KNOW you'll need for the trip. Don't bother packing everything you own, cramming stuff into huge suitcases lugging them behind or trying to get a jammed wheel to cooperate while navigating your way through security. Leave all the bulky, heavy junk at home! You'll be thankful you aren't carrying around the extra weight. Don't take wrinkle prone clothes (you won't have the time or energy to iron them) ROLL your clothes, don't fold, you can fit more into a suitcase by rolling your clothes. An added benefit: rolled clothes actually stay wrinkle free!

2. Pack dryer sheets! Keeping the static away, and bringing fresh scent with little occupancy in your bag, these are a must have!

3. Book reservations months in advance, taking advantage of the best possible deals. Wait until the last minute and you may be paying top dollar without being 100% satisfied. Plan Ahead!

4. Bring your comfortable walking shoes and walk places! You will see more and appreciate more by walking, plus it's a great way to get your daily exercise!

5. Don't forget your camera charger, you will most likely go through your battery in one day. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to capture that once-in-a-lifetime image only to realize the battery is dead. With that being said, if you are going somewhere with different electrical plugs make certain you have the correct converter or buy one before you leave the airport. You will immediately regret not having one.

6. Lucky and spoiled are we, English is the universal language however, not everyone speaks it. Try to learn a couple of important phrases to get by (please, thank you, where is?) When in doubt, pointing and pantomiming never fail!

7. If you're on a budget, go to a local market for some of your meals, including snacks (you will always want snacks) maybe find a hotel with free breakfast, then dine out for one meal. Saving money to spend on something other then food is always a win!

8. Do as the locals do, try new things, step out of your comfort zone.

9. You will inevitably forget something, just learn to live with that and say a prayer it's not your passport. If you are worried you may be among the few to loose your passport while abroad, be sure to make copies before leaving and store them separately or give a copy to someone traveling with you.

10. Stop planning and making lists, book your flight, and just GO. Experience the world, and celebrate it.

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