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How to travel and save

Tourist in Japan
Tourist in Japan
Radu Razvan |

Believe it or not you can travel and save. Here's how:

  1. Book in advance and shop around. Check out discount websites for great deals and promotions.

  2. Connecting flights are well worth it. It's true they are time consuming and could get tiring, but they will save you lots of pennies in your pocket.

  3. Pack wisely: These days airline companies are charging an arm and a leg for any extra pounds. So, choose lightweight luggage.The smaller the better.

  4. Sometimes it's cheaper to book a return flight than a one-way ticket even if you are not going to use the return ticket.

  5. Be flexible with travel days: sometimes it could be a lot cheaper to just go one day before or after your date.

  6. Try booking at different times: Many websites have different rates when booking at different days of the week or at different times of the day.

  7. Many sites will offer you great deals if you book a bundle. So book your flight, hotel and car together when possible and save.

  8. Try home exchanges: many people these days are trying it and it could be a great experience. You exchange your homes for  a certain amount of time. Think about the money you will be saving in accommodation costs.

  9. Try to stay at a cheaper town or city close to where you are. If you have a car, the 15 minute drive could be worth it.

  10. Book a suite instead of 2 rooms. Again, you would be saving a lot.

  11. Consider vacation homes: Some of these homes for rent provide you with even more amenities than hotels do. They are often cheaper (especially if traveling in a group). They are also more private.

  12. Avoid hotel breakfasts: they are over-priced and not always great. Instead opt to walk around to a local breakfast or cafe that will be much less expensive and more fun.

  13. Cook: no one wants to cook while on vacation. But just think about the money you will be saving by doing so! It will be a new experience to discover the local markets and the way things differ than what you are used to. So maybe you can cook breakfast and lunch and then go out for dinner.

  14. Pick small cars if you are renting. They are much less expensive and you will save gas.

  15. Also for renting a car, use a credit card which has car insurance coverage. 

  16. Tax refunds: don't forget about tax refunds! You may be getting all or some of your sales tax back.

  17. Walk around: Tourist taxis may be very pricey. So, instead, opt to walk around. You will be getting more exercise and seeing the city and taking pictures.

  18. Don't travel during peak seasons. You will find that prices are significantly higher during high-travel seasons. So, if you can, wait for low-season and book your travel then.

  19. Get group discounts: If you are traveling as a group, make sure to take advantage of group rates.

  20. Talk to the locals: It is always enlightening to do so and you may learn a lot about the best places to go to save.


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