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How to train like an Olympian

With the 2014 Winter Olympic event in full swing, it is easy to have a renewed focus on personal fitness. While the majority of people may not be Olympic caliber athletes - with the ability to devote hours and hours each day to exercise, honing their skills and abilities - we can use some of their fitness programs to improve our health and achieve our fitness goals.

Here are some health and fitness goals to training and becoming fit like an Olympic competitor:
• Have a goal in mind, long-term and for each workout - and put it on paper as a guide
• Schedule exercise into your daily routine
• Train early if possible, when there are fewer distractions to prevent a workout.
• Sleep is absolutely essential for all athletes.
• Warm up/cool down properly to improve flexibility, coordination, and decrease risk of injury
• Diversify the workout, using a selection of exercises to work all areas of the body (e.g. rotational/diagonal medicine or Swiss ball exercises in addition to fixed or unilateral movements).

While Olympic athletes make their selected sports seem effortless, they too employ tricks and strategies to stay motivated and on-track.

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