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How to throw a slumber party

Your child wants to have a sleep over. While you would welcome the opportunity to meet your child’s friends and love for them to have fun spending time with their friends in the comfort of your home, you are worried that things want go well. The following tips will help to make your child’s first or next slumber party a success.

You can call or send invitation cards to the parents of each of your child’s friends to invite them to the slumber party. If you choose to communicate by telephone, introduce yourself and tell them the reason for your call. Give the parents the date, time, location, directions to your home, and what they should wear. Find out what each child likes to eat, drink, and do for fun at this time or schedule a time to call back if the parent is busy. If they accept your invitation, thank them and let them know you are looking forward to seeing them and delighted to have their child attend your child’s slumber party. You can send a reminder through the mail if you choose to do so.

Set a theme

Once you find out about each child’s likes, you should set the theme. Be creative. For example, if most of the kids enjoy swimming, try decorating the area where the activities takes place with palm trees and tropical birds. Prepare foods and play music that is popular in their favorite island. Have them wear hula dresses.

Once the guests arrive

Greet and smile at the parents and guests at the door as they arrive. Have a host (such as an older sibling) escort them to the area of the home where the rest of the guest are hanging out. After all the guests arrive, tell them the house rules and show them where the bathroom is located. The host should introduce each new guest to the ones that have already arrived.

Winding down

The children will grow tired as the day goes by. Let them read bed time stories and play calming music to help them to relax and fall asleep. The door to your bedroom should be open at all times in the event that either of the children should need something. Or an older adult can sleep with them to make sure they are behaved and have settled into bed.

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